Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine – Top 10 Choices in 2020

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the top pick is, then my recommendation is the De’Longhi Primadonna Elite.

As a brit, I know we have a reputation for tea-drinking, but I’m personally more of a fan of another popular hot beverage. Take a guess. Coffee!

Don’t worry, I still love my Yorkshire brew, but there is something about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee made from ground beans.

It appears that half of the UK agrees with me, too, with 50% of all British households now owning a coffee brewing machine.

You’ve taken the first step by coming here, so let’s get on with it and find you a device worth buying!

Summary: Best Bean- To- Cup Coffee Machines In 2020

10 Top Picks For Best Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

When selecting the right coffee maker for you, it’s often a good idea to have a sense of where to start.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed 10 of the best bean to cup coffee brewers, which you may want to consider below.

Overall Top Pick
  • Budget: ££££
  • Weight: 11.9 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 2 litre
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic


  • High levels of customisation
  • Fully programmable
  • touchscreen + app
  • Large detachable water tank and visual display
  • Milk frother knob makes lattes easy


  • The steam wand is close to the body of the machine and only moves left to right
  • Not the most environmentally friendly or durable
  • The re-heating process is long

A top of the range product.

This machine provides an excellent experience and is genuinely versatile.
It can quickly make café-style drinks. Including long black, Americano, brilliant milky lattes and cappuccino as well as chocolate and iced beverages too!

The Primadonna allows for up to 6 individual profiles and a whopping 10 programmed beverages. Its superior design ensures it’s seamless, reliable and the milk carafe fits perfectly in your fridge.

The inbuilt frothing system uses luxury Latte Crema technology and a milk jug that plugs into the front of the machine – ahhh, so simple. 

Extra bonus: It comes with an extra hot chocolate milk frother carafe! The water tank can also be used for cold milkshakes.

Barista Pick
  • Budget: £££
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 2.5 litre
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Milk Frother: Barista wand


  • Barista-quality milk texturing
  • Activated by a press of a button
  • 18 integrated grind settings 
  • Bonus: Includes a milk frother jug that has a temperature gauge


  • Additional money is required to replace the water filter every couple of months
  • Comprehensive set up required and a lot of adjustment before you get the perfect pour

If precision timing and freshly ground beans are your thing, then Heston Blumenthal will tell you this is on the best espresso set up for you. 

Never waste precious coffee again with a built-in dosing grinder delivering the right amount of coffee beans you need.

Designed to deliver a thick, caramel coloured crema – every black coffee drinker’s dream. All this without white swirls or air bubbles.

For milk lovers, the high-pressure milk frother makes it easy to produce milky and dreamy drinks!

Like your beverage extra hot? Then this is hands down the best device because it includes a separate hot water wand specifically designed for pre-heating cups, delivering quality long black or Americano.

Overall, the Sage delivers a rich, sweet, creamy, and one of the most balanced coffee experiences.

Best Budget Pick
  • Budget: ££
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.8 litre
  • Material: Plastic
  • Milk Frother: Barista wand


  • Great user approval ratings vs all the bean to cup coffee machines
  • Large 1.8L water tank 
  • In built descaler and extremely easy-to-clean 
  • In built cup warmer


  • Steam wand can be a mixed bag
  • Not great if you love strong coffee

The Magnifica ESAM 4200 is a compact, well-designed fully automatic coffee brewer.

No matter your preference, from frothy cappuccino to punchy short black, this beauty delivers.

The burr grinder does an excellent job at chopping those beans into fine grounds, which in turn delivers a fresh brew with full flavours.

As a result, it has the tick of approval from Americano drinkers!
Like scorching coffee? This one has an inbuilt coffee cup warmer plate that automatically turns on when it’s switched on.

Worried about cleaning?

The Magnifica is easy to clean with an entirely removable brew unit. Simply remove the brewing unit and run under warm water until the liquid runs clear.

It’s highly customisable with 7 different grind coarseness settings and adjustable beverage dispenser.

The only thing left for you to decide is when to drink your bean to cup coffee!

Alternative Pick
  • Budget: ££
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 2 litre
  • Material: Brushed plastic
  • Milk Frother: Barista Wand


  • Caters for all types of coffee drinkers (+ decaf)
  • Auto-cleaning milk carafe
  • Extra-large removeable 2L water tank
  • Inbuilt latte crema (milk frother) technology


  • Takes some learning to operate
  • Noisy and pulsates the extraction process

If you’re lazy like me and struggle to even get out of bed, then this is most likely the most suitable option for you.

Coffee brewing appliances have certainly evolved since the pre-ground coffee days to become easier to use and still produce a quality cup of joe.
The Eletta machine is an excellent example of ease of use with its auto-cleaning milk carafe.

No time to clean or froth milk? Make your mornings stress free with an intuitive touch control panel that gets you that creamy, silky milk with a simple one-touch process.

It’s bean to cup science meets barista, and the result is out of this world!

Alternative Pick 2
  • Weight: 9.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 46 cm
  • Reservoir Size: 1.4 litre
  • Material: Brushed plastic
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic


  • Truly a one-touch experience
  • The milk carafe double-walled, so you get the perfect milk temperature and coffee experience
  • Adjustable standby option for busy mornings
  • Milk frother jug can be removed and stored easily in the fridge 


  • Truly a one-touch experience
  • The milk carafe double-walled, so you get the perfect milk temperature and coffee experience
  • Adjustable standby option for busy mornings
  • Milk frother jug can be removed and stored easily in the fridge 

Are you always disappointed by your coffee shop’s lack of ability to make an extra hot cup of drink? Well don’t fear this gadget has got you covered!

The Autentica is truly a one-touch experience for up to 8 different beverage choices: espresso, long black, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, and hot milk.

If you’re not interested in learning the art of tamping, milk texturing and how coarse or fine to grind your beans, then this might be an excellent option for you.

It’s designed for those who desire the experience of a cafe-style americano, latte, or cappuccino without the hassle, coffee shop queues, or complicated steps. Delivering a perfectly hot cup of coffee every time!

Still, like anything, it isn’t perfect. The 1.4L water tank is not the biggest on the market and is located at the back near the coffee beans so it can be awkward to remove.

Plus, the small drip tray will need regular maintenance if you’re using the machine for family use or intend on having many cups of coffee a day.

Alternative Pick 3
  • Budget: £££
  • Weight: 10.8  kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.8 litre
  • Material: Stainless steel + plastic 
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic


  • Grinds quiet as a whisper
  • Can be managed remotely with your smartphone 
  • Separate water nozzle avoids drink mix ups
  • Comes with an in-built milk frother and stainless steel milk container


  • Quite a large machine and takes up a lot of space
  • Drip tray is small and prone to overflowing
  • The Bluetooth control via the app is clunky and unreliable

Appreciate the feeling when your coffee shop barista knows exactly how you like your morning coffee?

The Melitta FF86 has a brilliant feature. It’s able to remember up to 8 different coffee preferences, so no need to remember your friends’ orders.

With smart house systems and integrated mobile connectivity, it was only a matter of time before coffee brewers offered the same style of service.
If you appreciate top-of-the-range, German engineering, then this is the pick of the bunch. With two air-tight coffee compartments, it provides a flavorful, fresh cup.

On the flip side, it’s a large machine and requires a lot of worktop space. From a tech side of things, many users have complained the Bluetooth app often isn’t a seamless experience.

Alternative Pick 4
  • Budget: £££
  • Weight: 8.7  kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.8 litre
  • Material: Stainless steel + plastic 
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic


  • Highly customisable options
  • Push-button milk frother + self cleaning
  • Two-chamber bean container 


  • Requires a bit of tinkering and set up 
  • Comprehensive recipes require a fair bit of reading and programming

If you’re environmentally conscious and are looking for energy-efficient products, then you should take a closer look at this bean-to-cup coffee machine.

While it’s partially made from plastic, It has an inbuilt noise-reduction system and state-of-the-art energy-saving features. The German-engineering is so sophisticated it won a small electrical innovation award.

I love the fact that it has variable coffee strength, temperature control, along with volume and ratio of coffee and milk. Basically, it’s a super customisable machine for even the pickiest of drinkers.

Its double bean catch is a unique feature, allowing you to mix two separate sets of beans to create your own blend or have two different roasts ready to go!

All in all a top-of-the-range machine, this is luxury and produces lattes in under 2 minutes. Using this, you will truly feel like a barista and coffee bean to cup coffee connoisseur, all in the comfort of my own home.

In terms of downsides, it’s wide feature list means you will probably need to sit and read the manual to program it and get it setup. Nonetheless, once it’s done you can enjoy coffee completely your way!

Alternative Pick 5
  • Budget: ££
  • Weight: 10.1 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.8 litre
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Milk Frother: Barista wand


  • Budget friendly
  • Knobs to adjust coffee strength and amount


  • Made from plastic
  • No advancced features

Love the smell of freshly pre-ground coffee beans in the morning? Don’t we all!

If you’re one of the espresso fans who love seeing thick creamy crema, then pay attention to this review.

The machine is classy, compact, and combines modern technology with sleek modern design.

It has an advanced water tank system called “Thermoblock” technology. The Thermoblock allows water to be heated in real-time by resistance.

This technology makes it possible to heat the water very quickly. So you will have a little wait before your first cup of coffee. Even if you’re making two cups at the same time, both will always be at the ideal temperature.

Alternative Pick 6
  • Budget: £££
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.5 litre
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Milk Frother: Barista wand


  • Flexiblbility in coffee brew strength 
  • Inbuilt, automatic cleaning function
  • Ceramic burr grinder improves flavour


  • Uses a lot of water when cleaning
  • Noisy

The Gaggia Naviglio is hands down one of the better bean to cup coffee brewers, designed and made in Italy.

This might be the right choice for those who yearn for the ultimate in-home cafe experience. It delivers a “tailor-made” style of coffee and allows you to select the grind, shot length, and body according to your taste.

Not only that, but it also has programming to remember how you like your cup and make it like so each time!

Nonetheless, it’s pricey and made out of plastic which is strange given its a premium machine if you can forgive the lack of stainless steel and control of direct steam pressure its great!

Alternative Pick 7
  • Budget: £££
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 1.5 litre
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic


  • High quality ceramic burr grinder 
  • The soft-touch digital screen display
  • Slim and premium design


  • Maintenance and descaling process is long
  • The water tank refill flap which won’t stay open without being held

A stunning stainless steel quality product, Gaggia certainly doesn’t disappoint on the aesthetics.

This is an Italian brand that knows how to make beautifully crafted, timeless products. Its touchscreen display is easy to use and program for the entire family. Unlike other larger machines, this ones quite slim, and as it’s made of steel, it oozes luxury.

By purchasing a Gaggia, you become a Cafe Club member and receive additional benefits, like in-house barista training, descaling support and help with other repairs.

Perfect if you like to geek out on barista level knowledge!

Summary and reccomendation

After pouring over hundreds of written and instructional video reviews of all the best bean-to-cup coffee machines, there are some clear winners and top-notch contenders.

This article has hopefully given you a greater understanding of the features and benefits.

From deluxe stainless steel and large water tanks to compact hands-on design, there is something for everyone.

After reviewing a ton of different products, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with top quality, and you pay for what you get.

As a result, I’d highly recommend the De’Longhi Primadonna Elite.  

Especially if you love making different types of hot drinks, including hot chocolate!

This is an investment your whole family will love for years to come!

Overall Top Pick
  • Budget: ££££
  • Weight: 11.9 kg
  • Reservoir Size: 2 litre
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Milk Frother: Fully automatic

How To Choose The Right Bean To Cup Machine​

First, consider what coffee type you like.

If you’re new to the coffee scene, opt for a simple one-touch style.

If you need a more hands-on coffee experience, select a machine with a milk frother so you can learn the art of creating velvety smooth milk texture with your new favourite machine.

Next, Think Of Your Budget​

Devices range from the gold-plated bespoke Siphon Bar that will set you back £15,000.

On the other end of the scale, you could pick up a second-hand device super cheap.

Finally, Think About Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for a compact done-for-you style (quick and easy), or are you looking to cater to lots of guests and coffee explicitly tailored to your taste?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right machine for your cup of coffee. These include:

Coffee Preference

Coffee lovers understand that there’s just a lot to experiment with. From standard black coffee made from fine-ground coffee beans to other frothy coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos.

For example, If you love your lattes, then you have to look at coffee machines with inbuilt milk frothers. Decide if you’d like to be involved in milk texturing by the use of a barista wand or if you want it all done for you automatically.

For all the family or just you?

If you have a large family, you’ll have to source a robust machine that can withstand high-frequency usage.

Look out for a large water tank and features for brewing the different cups of coffee your family prefers.

Ease of cleaning

Bean to cup coffee makers are prone to clog, and it can be difficult to clean yourself.

Depending on how often you brew, you should consider how often you’ll have to clean the device. If you’ve got a large family…or coffee addiction. It’s also worth mentioning that some appliances self-clean with a simple touch of a button.

Smart coffee appliances

Did you know that you can pre-brew your coffee from an application on your phone?

Yes, you heard that right! The coffee brewer automatically connects to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making it ideal for the busy days at work.


Bean to cup machines isn’t the quietest at making a brew.

The noise can be substantial and if you live in a small apartment, potentially wake up those sleeping. Consider the quieter machines on this list if brewing as loud as a whisper is important to you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bean-To-Cup Machine? ​

The best coffee is freshly ground

Bean-to-cup machines offer freshly ground coffee when you need it, optimising on flavour and doing the hard work of finding the perfect grind for your cup. You can forget old, stale coffee which lacks the oils found in fresh beans.

Here’s world-famous chef, Heston Blumenthal to explain:

I'm a self-confessed caffeine nut and there's nothing I enjoy more than a smooth, perfectly-balanced latte or cappuccino. Great coffee starts with a great espresso pour.

Heston Blumenthal

Ultimately, freshness makes a massive difference to the quality of the coffee flavour.

Espresso machines that grind on demand allow you to enjoy freshly ground coffee the moment you crave a cup.

This means the essential oils locked in the beans will be full of flavour, and it will allow for deliciously thick crema each time you brew!

easy to use

Most automatic coffee brewers aren’t complicated to use with some using a touch screen technology with instructions on how to make different coffees.

Some gadgets can also utilise Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to give you an easy time making your favourite cup of coffee from bed!


Bean to cup coffee machines are hands down the best when it comes to versatility.

If you have a large family with each member having a favourite coffee, then it might make sense to buy and more advanced device with a large water tank and memory to recall your drink choices.

The good news is that the brewers are versatile and can make different types of coffee at a press off a button. Whether you love lattes, cappuccinos, or espresso coffee, a single gadget can meet all your brewing needs without visiting a coffee shop.

Drawbacks of Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Albeit being very user friendly, automatic machines have some drawbacks as listed here.

They are expensive

This isn’t a surprise – fully automatic brewers are pricey compared to semi-manual and manual options. Despite the high cost, if you can afford one, it’s a worthy investment.

The fact is that you can operate your coffee machine by a single touch of a button. Even your phone while you’re still in bed but want a cup…if you buy the right one that is!

needs regular cleaning

Remember the coffee for machines that operate manually has to be ground in the device each time you brew. Meaning there are more connected parts that need cleaning.

As a result, an automatic machine requires more frequent cleaning compared to manual coffee options.

Think about the carafe holding the milk, the brewer itself, and water filters to prevent limescale build-up.

Nonetheless, the more expensive ones mostly do the cleaning on another press of a button!

often noisy

All Bean to cup machine devices do the grinding and tamping for you, so no doubt it’s going to make some noise! As noted earlier, there are machines built to operate quietly, but some noise should be expected nonetheless.

Still, if you want a machine to make you the best coffee on demand, you can’t complain about a little noise, right?

What's The Best Way To Use An Automatic Coffee Brewer? ​

The best way to use a bean-to-cup beverage maker is to treat it like you would your partner – with lots of love.

And make sure they clean regularly!

Most high-end coffee makers are designed in such a way that they’re easy to assemble and even easier to pull apart and clean. Some will even automatically descale and clean themselves.

The machines are designed in such a way that they tend to be self-sufficient. It will either alert you when the water is low and when to empty the grounds container or do it itself.

Look after your bean-to-cup appliance, and it will look after you.

Why Choose A Bean-To-Cup Machine Over A Cafe Or Pod Experience?​

There’s something nostalgic about the buzz of a coffee shop, having a chin-wag with your mates, and a friendly smile from your local barista.

It’s all fine until you have an annoying loudmouth ruining your morning ambience, or your barista is away, and somebody else has to make your coffee…and it’s just not quite right.

Pod machines have been less popular of late because of the plastic wastage and expense at continually buying coffee pod packs.

Ugh. If only you could have the same experience in the comfort of your own home..

Well, now you can.

I love the freshness and convenience of a beans-on-demand style of machinery. And with so many different options, designs, and automation, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect coffee making experience for you. 

Heck, you’ll be wanting to make two brews at a time for yourself instead of one because it’s so good!

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