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Coffee Shops

The 20 Best Coffee Shops in LA (Los Angeles) In 2023

Craft coffee bars were once the privilege of trendy neighborhoods. But no longer. You don’t have to be a Silver Lake local to enjoy great coffee. Quality sips abound everywhere in Tinseltown.

In fact, the amount of options might be overwhelming. So before you get star struck, check out my nominations for the best coffee shops in LA. 

LA Coffee Shops

The 20 Best LA Coffee Shops

1. Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters started roasting their own beans fifteen years ago in Santa Cruz. They opened their LA flagship in 2019 and have been serving up great coffee across Los Angeles ever since. 

The large, airy space embraces the best of LA sunshine to create a warm yet sophisticated interior design. Verve is more than a humble coffee shop. It is a space for beverage innovation, barista training, and culinary experimentation. 

It’s one of the West Coast’s favorite coffee shops, sure to please fashionistas and coffee lovers alike.

Verve has locations in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and even Japan. And while you’re in the City of Angels, you can catch them at five locations: 

  • Arts District flagship at 500 Mateo St
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Spring Street
  • Melrose Avenue
  • West 3rd Street

Need an extra boost? Grab a Missile. 

This mixture of coffee concentrate, cream, and housemade syrup will help you launch your day. And once you’ve finished the day’s work, try one of Verve’s signature drinks like the Cascara Negroni or Smoked Chicory Latte.

2. Maru

Before you grind your gears in Los Angeles gridlock, savor a moment of peace and coffee at Maru. 

Adopting its name from the Korean words for mountaintop, Maru provides a breath of fresh air. These roasters embrace simplicity in pursuit of balanced, well-made coffee. 

Both Maru coffee shops host clean, white interiors accented with minimalist light wood detailing. This intentionally understated design puts coffee front and center. 

Sip on some Maru coffee in the Arts District (1019 S Santa Fe Ave) or Los Feliz (1936 Hillhurst Ave).

The Maru coffee menu keeps it simple with classic espresso drinks and a few tea drinks. But this doesn’t mean they’re opposed to trying something new. For a signature drink, try their Spiced Cold Brew (coffee mixed with pepper).

3. Civil Coffee

Brothers Alan and Alex Morales once roamed southern California, delivering coffee from the tailgate of a red pickup. Although they’ve since parked the truck and launched a stylish brick and mortar location, the laid back vibes prevail. 

The spacious coffee shop features a variety of seating options, perfect for sipping and socializing. Great coffee and a delicious food menu also help make Civil Coffee a place for the people.

Find the Civil Coffee in Highland Park (5629 N Figueroa St). Or check out their newest location in Downtown LA.

Civil Coffee gives the people what they want, from standards to specialty drinks. Try a Figueroa for an espresso and sweetened condensed milk accented with cinnamon and Maria cookie. 

You’ll also want to grab a bite from the range of breakfast sandwiches and burritos available at Civil Coffee.

4. Lab Coffee & Roasters

For another family-owned coffee shop, check out the local roasters at LaB. The artisans at this coffee bar exclusively use Fair Trade and relationship-sourced beans. 

This Koreatown coffee shop maintains a subdued industrial aesthetic, interspersed with scientific iconography and intricate latte art. In addition to great coffee, LaB offers a coffee education program and space for coffee experts to teach a class on best coffee methods.

Ready to experiment? Visit the LaB coffee shop at 429 N Western Ave.

To embrace the scientific method fully, try LaB’s Kyoto Style Cold Brew. This process brews the coffee at a rate of one drip of cold water per second. 

The result is a clean cup perfect for even the most fastidious coffee nerd. For something hot, try one of LaB’s signature tea drinks like the Earl Grey Macchiato.

5. Alchemist Coffee Project

Established in 2016, the Alchemist Coffee Project brings a New Orleans-style coffee bar to Los Angeles. 

Owner Marcelo K has created an ambience that is both trendy and welcoming. The space evokes a kind of bohemian steampunk, creating a playful atmosphere amid industrial features. (You can also take advantage of outdoor seating.) The food menu features sandwiches and smaller bites.

If you can’t find the fountain of youth, a caffeine elixir has to be the next best thing. Get your pick-me-up at 698 S Vermont Ave.

For a tasty tincture, grab an espresso and tonic or pour over coffee.

6. Klatch Coffee

No one expects to find good coffee in an airport. But La-La Land is a little different. Here, you can find one of the best coffee shops in LA the moment you arrive at its international airport. 

Family-owned Klatch Coffee serves up quality drip coffee in LAX and throughout Southern California. They’ve been roasting, winning awards, and arguing about coffee since 1993.

Before you leave the Golden State, enjoy a final cup in Terminal 7 at LAX. If you’re traveling nearby, keep the conversation going at Klatch’s other locations: Chino Hills, Pasadena, Fontana, San Dimas, Redondo Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, and Ontario.

Need some jet fuel to power your journey? Grab a Mocha Shake or Javalanche for next level espresso drinks.

7. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Since 2013, Alfred Coffee has been serving up West Coast vibes in low stress, instagrammable coffee bars. 

No two of its coffee shops are the same, but uniting each coffee bar is a commitment to genuine, approachable customer service. Plus funky fresh interiors that rival even the best latte art.

Alfred Coffee has 12 locations throughout Los Angeles from West Hollywood to Silver Lake. Visit the flagship location at 8428 Melrose Pl.

Forget french toast. Grab some mean breakfast burritos while you’re there. Then wash ’em down with an iced latte… sweetened with housemade vanilla.

8. Kumquat

Looking for a spot to try high quality coffee from a variety of roasters? Take a squat in Kumquat’s outdoor seating. Or enjoy clean, minimalism inside the coffee bar. Either way, Kumquat is the perfect place to enjoy fresh pastries and creative coffee drinks.

Come over to Kumquat in Highland Park (4936 York Blvd).

Despite the no-nonsense coffee bar vibes, Kumquat offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks. Try Cloudy (with a Chance of Peanuts) for espresso and cold milk topped with peanut butter foam. Or try one of their seasonal drinks like the Maldives cooler.

9. Dayglow

For more sips from some of the best coffee roasters out there, head to Dayglow. This trendy coffee shop features their favorite independent roasters from around the world. (They also operate a subscription service to deliver the best beans straight to your door.) 

Neon lights and funky tiling style the two brick and mortar Dayglow coffee bars.

Get your Dayglow on in West Hollywood (866 Huntley Dr) or Silver Lake (3206 W Sunset Blvd).

Dayglow elevates espresso drinks to celebrity status. The Belafonte gives you a hickory smoked coffee with hibiscus grapefruit Campari and pinot grapes.

10. Go Get Em Tiger

What started as a humble coffee stall in Grand Central Market has quickly grown into a local coffee shop empire. Go Get Em Tiger has expanded to many locations since 2013. But the best coffee shops grow without losing their charm. 

Go Get Em has done just that, with each of its coffee shops retaining a feeling of unique personal touch. Join the coffee club to get single origin coffee from the comfort of home.

Find them in Culver City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Row, Larchmont, Los Feliz, Highland Park, and Montana Ave. 

Visit the original G&B Coffee at 317 S Broadway. Or go get em at Santa Monica to enjoy quality espresso drinks steps from the ocean (2645 Main St Santa Monica).

While you’re there, lap up a Macadamia Latte for a special treat.

11. Bloom & Plume Coffee

Bloom & Plume Coffee blossomed in 2019 and has been building a coffee community ever since. This Black family owned business embraces the South African philosophy “ubuntu” or “I am, because you are.” 

The design of this coffee shop is a welcome change from monochromatic, industrial chic interiors. Here you’ll find lively purple walls and salmon pink chairs. Plus, there’s no shortage of tasty bites and bevs amidst all the beauty.

Find Bloom & Plume Coffee at 1638 W Temple St.

You can grab all the standard coffee drinks here. But Bloom & Plume Coffee takes the tea latte to a whole new level. Check out their Butterfly Pea Tea which uses herbal tea, resulting in rich indigo latte art.

12. Goodboybob

Goodboybob walks a tricky line. They source rare coffee beans and roast at quality standards matching even the best coffee shops. But they don’t take themselves too seriously. The cafe spaces likewise embrace a modern aesthetic underpinned by quirky accents.

Visit goodboybob in Culver City, Manhattan Beach, or Santa Monica. Menus vary slightly from location to location. So be sure to check ahead of time if you’re looking for something specific.

The coffee menu keeps it simple — all the better to put their roasts front and center. (The folks at goodboybob source beans you might not find anywhere else in the US.) Grab any of their seasonal pastries baked fresh each morning to complement the brew.

13. Cognoscenti Coffee

Like many great coffee shops, Cognoscenti Coffee started as a pop up. But now they roast every Monday, supplying beans to three brick and mortar cafes. (They’ll also ship their roasts directly to you.) 

The coffee connoisseurs at Cognoscenti prioritize cup clarity. And most of their sourcing focuses on washed coffees. Fittingly, their coffee shops feature a no-frills aesthetic, putting the focus on complex coffee flavor.

For the freshest roasts, visit the roastery and cafe in the Fashion District (1118 San Julian St). You can also find Cognoscenti coffee shops in Culver City and South Park.

Cognoscenti serves up classic hot espresso drinks. But if you need to beat the heat, they’ll also do you an iced cortado or iced espresso. If you stop by their roastery, try the Noir Lemonade for lemonade blended with activated charcoal.

14. Full Service Coffee Co.

Want the convenience of drive-thru coffee but still want to support the independent scene? Swing by Full Service Coffee’s drive-thru. 

This repurposed Texaco station brings the charm of 1940’s art deco to your morning commute. Literally. Order at the window, and minutes later they will bring the coffee to your car.

Pull up for Full Service at 4450 Beverly Blvd.

Even with drive thru brews, commuting is stressful. So stay calm with a Lavender CB for cold brew mixed with housemade agave lavender syrup. This coffee shop is dairy-free and uses oat milk as the default option.

15. Good People Coffee

Right by the beach, Good People Coffee serves up caffeine, killer eats, and plenty of attitude. Their coffee shop incorporates both exposed brick and genuinely inspirational quotes. Plus some coffee-themed political protests for good measure. 

Everything about this place vibrates with authenticity and a passion for flavor.

Find Good People Coffee in Santa Monica (11609 Santa Monica Blvd).

While you’re here, you have to try the Purple Nurple. Espresso, milk, brown sugar and a shot of ube concentrate make for a surprisingly tasty and very purple drink.

16. Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse is a coffee shop and small-scale roaster committed to supporting fellow local businesses. They also host classes on home brewing, roasting, and coffee cuppings. 

The cafe’s interior features white tiled walls and bright lighting, contributing to a low key atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for Cafe Demitasse next time you’re in Santa Monica (1149 Third St).

Cafe Demitasse celebrates experimentation, and every barista has a signature drink. The catch is you can only order that specialty when its originator is on the coffee bar. 

For something you can grab no matter the shift, try the Iced Minty Cubano. Muddled mint, milk, and espresso will keep you cool in the Santa Monica sunshine.

17. Mad Lab Coffee

Mad Lab Coffee roasters have been changing the bean scene since 2015. Their ethos prioritizes character and integrity. 

Their roasts pursue fruitiness and sweetness. You can grab coffee to go from Mad Lab in the heart of Hollywood. The shop’s footprint might be small, but these roasters have a big heart. And the flavor to match.

Find the Mad Lab walkup window at 6515 W Sunset Blvd.

Grab a Dreamsicle Cappuccino to sip while walking the nearby Walk of Fame. Mad Lab also offers several coffee-based mocktails. Try the Lime Chronic for a sweet, bubbly blend of coffee and lime.

18. Endorffeine

Endorffeine’s owner/operator Jack Benchakul combines previous experience as a biochemist and pastry cook to serve artisanal coffee. 

Endorffeine takes the sleek coffee culture aesthetic to the next level. And yet this coffee experience is intensely personal. That’s because Jack personally brews every single beverage he serves at Endorffeine coffee bar.

Grab a drink from the master in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza (727 N Broadway).

Many of the specialty drinks at Endorffeine celebrate Jack’s Thai heritage. Try the Pandan Vanilla Latte for floral and nutty notes.

19. Sightglass Coffee

San Francisco coffee roasters have brought their beans and expertise to LA at long last. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait any longer. The expansive cafe at Sightglass Coffee seats up to 150 guests. 

There’s a feeling here of old Hollywood grandeur, thanks to cherry red floors, theatrical lighting, and aqua green art deco tiling. In addition to many architectural delights, Sightglass serves delicious food made fresh on-site.

With three locations in San Francisco, Sightglass Coffee opened their first LA location just before the pandemic hit. Despite this initial challenge, they’re still going strong at 7051 Willoughby Ave in Hollywood’s Sycamore Media District.

A hot or iced Vanilla Paste Latte will sweeten up your day. But sometimes you want the flavor of coffee without the caffeine. When that’s the case, try the Swiss Water decaf for an unparalleled caffeine-free experience.

20. Strings of Life

Brought to you by the Botanical Group, Strings of Life Cafe brings Australian food and coffee culture to West Hollywood. Glossy wood tables and seating brighten the all day cafe. And there’s no shortage of sunlight for S.O.L’s outdoor seating areas.

The S.O.L founders might have originated in Melbourne, but the Aussies can now be found at 8535 Melrose Ave.

You can slurp all your iced favorites here, including iced matcha. Strings of Life is also the perfect place for lunch munches. Choose from rice bowls, fresh sandwiches, and a few Aussie standards.