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Best Flavored Coffee Beans 2023

I don’t have to tell you that flavored coffee is a delicious way to add a little something extra to your morning cup without overpowering your coffee’s natural appeal.

But, figuring out which flavored coffee beans are worth trying is hard. Annoyingly difficult at times.

I’ve done my homework (and a little taste testing). So keep reading to learn more about the best flavored coffee brands out there in 2023.

Top Flavored Coffees 2023 Summary

Best Flavored Coffee Beans 2023

When it’s already going to be a rough, rainy day at 7 a.m., there are few comforts like a premium flavored coffee.

Your favorite flavor can perk up a bad day, keep you cozy when the weather turns, and frankly, hide the fact that your ground coffee is getting a little old. Flavored ground coffee tends to hide the age of a coffee better.

Here are some of the best flavored coffees so you can have all the comfort you need.

1. Hazelnut Flavored Fabula Coffee

Fabula’s hazelnut flavored roast is a richly aroma-ed, but otherwise subtle way to spice up your daily coffee routine. It’s fun, it’s tasty, and it’s good enough to drink every day.

Top Pick
Hazelnut Flavor Coffee Beans | Fabula
  • Single origin
  • Love it or your money back!
  • 15% off subscriptions

Fabula coffee roasts low-acid coffee only. It’s shade-grown and tested for mold and over 350 chemical compounds to ensure it’s stomach-friendly. Fabula roasts are small-batch, organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO.

They offer a few flavored options, but their hazelnut roast is an especially delicious flavor. It’s a single-origin, high-elevation, Latin American roast. 

It’s a washed process medium roast coffee that’s been flavored with “organic flavorings” (what those are, Fabula doesn’t specify).

The Fabula Hazelnut roast tastes like hazelnut with hints of molasses and licorice. Although the flavor is much more subtle than the aroma — which will fill up your kitchen deliciously for a few minutes. It’s a little sweet and almost fruity at the end.

Flavored coffees seem to taste fresher longer, but with Fabula, you get fresh coffee anyway. They roast and ship three times a week so your order never sits around for six days before it’s sent off your way.

You can order this hazelnut roast as ground coffee or as whole bean coffee. The coffee roaster also offers coffee subscriptions with reduced prices (20-35% off) based on how much you order at a time.

If you fall in love with Fabula, you may also try their other flavored coffees, including vanilla, chocolate nut, and buttery caramel.

Best For: Any coffee lover with stomach issues who wants something tummy-friendly that actually tastes great. Also good for any fan of hazelnut coffees and Latin American roasts.

You should note this roast is on the lighter side of medium, so fans of light roast coffee beans might love it more than a lover of medium-dark roasted beans.

2. Vanilla Almond Lifeboost Coffee

Your two favorite flavors rolled into one … Lifeboost’s Vanilla Almond coffee roast is the perfect naturally flavored roast for all coffee lovers.

Runner Up
Vanilla Almond Coffee | Lifeboost | Single Origin
  • Love it or your money back!
  • Discounts for multiple bags
  • Low acid

Lifeboost is another brand that’s committed to roasting low-acid, organic, stomach-friendly coffee beans. They also test for mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and over 400 toxins in all their beans to keep them “clean.”

Their Vanilla Almond coffee is a small-batch roasted, shade-grown, medium roast coffee. They’re grown in the Nicaraguan mountains, washed with spring water, and sun-dried.

It has a smooth, subtle vanilla taste that’s made milder with the almond notes. Vanilla and almond are classic flavor pairings with coffee. 

The almond naturally matches the nutty flavor of many coffees without overpowering it, and vanilla adds a little sweetness and depth to the flavor.

Despite that, the Vanilla Almond roast is possibly Lifeboost’s most flavorful. Some describe it as almost rich enough to be an after-dinner coffee liqueur.

It’s so smooth and delicious you’ll want to try it black, at least to start. Although a drop of real vanilla extract and a splash of almond milk might bring out those natural flavors even more.

Lifeboost offers ground coffee and whole bean coffee orders. You can save when you buy in bulk or when you subscribe. Subscriptions are customizable, so you aren’t locked into buying more than you can actually drink.

Best For: Lovers of vanilla and almond (especially almond, as this flavor tends to shine brightly), anyone with stomach issues, and lovers of Central American coffees.

It’s a classic flavor combination that may be the perfect place to start if you’re new to flavored beans.

3. Lion’s Toasted Coconut Coffee

Slightly nutty coconut coffee? Yes please. Hawaii’s Toasted Coconut Lion Coffee is a must-sip.

Best Coconut Coffee
Toasted Coconut Coffee By Lion

Lightly roasted with a coconut aroma and flavor. Tastes like you’ve escaped to an exotic getaway!


Lion Coffee is one of the oldest American coffee companies. It moved operations to Hawaii in 1979 to focus on the only coffee beans that are actually grown in the country. 

The name has since become synonymous with the beloved islands and has been named Hawaii’s best coffee several times.

Lion Coffee roasts 100% Arabica beans. They are known for their flavored roasts, focusing on Hawaiian-inspired flavors like vanilla macadamia nut, chocolate macadamia nut, hazelnut, and of course, toasted coconut.

Toasted Coconut is everything you’d want flavored Hawaiian coffee to be. It’s a little sweet, but mostly nutty, smooth, and so good you won’t want to spoil it with milk and sugar (at least not until you’ve had a few sips black).

You can buy Lion roasts as ground coffee in 10 oz bags or whole bean coffee in 10 or 24 oz bags.

Best For: Hawaiian coffee fans, anyone who loves strong flavors that aren’t overly sweet, and anyone who enjoys black coffee. Even more so than most flavored coffee brands, Lion Coffee’s Toasted Coconut was practically made to enrich the black coffee enthusiast’s experience.

It’s also a great one for mixing with other Lion Coffee flavors. It complements other coffees well.

4. Lion’s Macadamia Nut Coffee

Macadamia nut may sound simple for a flavor, but Lion’s Macadamia Nut Coffee is a long-time fan favorite for good reason.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut By Lion Coffee

Nutty with vanilla undertones, what’s not to like? Try this black without any additives to savor the flavor!


The lion is so good at making coffee, we had to include another on this list.

This is not quite Lion Coffee’s Classic Macadamia Nut Coffee. It’s a new(er) and improved macadamia nut flavor made from slightly darker roasted beans giving it a stronger feel.

When you brew Macadamia Nut Lion Coffee the nutty notes come out in a rich, almost buttery flavor. Since the beans are a tad darker, the coffee naturally strays a little further toward the darker, bitter flavors.

It’s a robust cup with a smooth, delicious macadamia nut flavor that complements the natural Kona coffee well without overpowering it.

Best For: Fans of classic Hawaiian mac coffees. All of Lion Coffee’s macadamia roasts are popular for a reason, so even if you’re apathetic about macadamia nut on the whole, give this one a try.

5. Vanilla Flavor Fabula Coffee

Speaking of so nice we’ll say it twice, Fabula needed to make a second appearance on this list with their classic vanilla beans.

Vanilla Flavor Beans | Fabula Coffee
  • Money back guaranteed if you don’t like it!
  • Discounts for subscribing

Fabula’s Vanilla roast is a fully washed medium roast sourced from Peru. It’s an intriguing blend of flavors and unusual for a vanilla coffee. This roast is an almost chocolatey coffee (common in Peruvian roasts) with nutty and, of course, vanilla notes.

The vanilla is present but won’t overpower that rich coffee flavor fans of Peruvian roasts crave.

Rich and complex, you won’t want to spoil this one with milk or sugar.

Best For: Those who want something a little richer than traditional light vanilla flavors and fans of darker medium roasted coffees. If you can never decide between chocolate and vanilla, this is the roast for you.

Since it’s on the darker side with a rich flavor, you may want to try this as a cold brew, too.

6. Lion’s Decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee

Decaf lovers can get in on the best flavored coffees too, with this decaffeinated Vanilla Macadamia Nut roast from Lion Coffee.

This coffee was decaffeinated using the popular Swiss Water Process, which is a chemical-free way to decaffeinate coffee using osmosis.

 It’s perhaps the most popular method for removing the caffeine content from a coffee bean because it preserves coffee’s flavor well and doesn’t use extra chemicals.

That means the underlying coffee flavor base in Lion’s Vanilla Macadamia Nut decaf roast is still nice and flavorful. The rich, smooth flavor of the vanilla is strong, but the subtle hint of macadamia keeps the balance in your cup, making for a more rounded, less jolting flavor experience.

Best For: Decaf coffee drinkers looking to enjoy a flavored brew, and anyone who loves vanilla, but often finds it a little overwhelming on its own.

7. Community Coffee’s Pecan Praline Flavored Coffee

Community Coffee’s Pecan Praline medium roast is a bag of southern charm and seriously good brews.

Pecan Praline Medium Roast Coffee | Community

Got an extra sweet tooth? Each sip is like biting into a pecan pastry!


Community Coffee is Louisiana’s favorite roaster. It has its own aisle in most grocery stores, or at least its own display, and people pounce on discount days.

But there’s more to Community Coffee than its popular chicory roast (yes, really, Louisianans). Pecan and praline are classic southern flavors and they suit this medium-roasted coffee just fine.

The pecans add an almost sweet nutty note like a pecan pie, while the pralines actually smooth the flavor out. The result is a creamy, nutty, and slightly sweet coffee treat.

Best For: Fans of sweet, creamy, nutty flavors and anyone who wants a taste of southern charm in their cup (with a lot less sugar and butter!).

Drip coffee and pour-over enthusiasts will probably enjoy Community Coffee’s Arabica beans the most.

8. Seattle’s Best Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Hazelnut just might be coffee’s best friend, which is why Seattle’s Best hazelnut flavored coffee can’t be beat.

Hazelnut Flavor | Seattle’s Best

Dreamy hazelnut which doesn’t overpower the roast. A nutty dream!


This “smooth roast” hazelnut coffee is a classic medium roast; it has a smooth flavor, it’s light in mouthfeel — but not too light — and is neither too acidic nor too bitter. It’s the perfect pairing for toasted hazelnut, which is nutty, creamy, and a little sweet.

And in this case, the “toasted” flavor really brings out the nutty side.

Although this is an artificially flavored coffee, the taste is satisfying. You’ll enjoy it even without your creamers and sugars.

Best For: Anyone with a cheap coffee brand-type of budget who wants something more exciting to cover the ho-hum roast. It’s consistent, and it’s pretty darn good for a grocery store brand.

9. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee

Fans of light roasts, this Caramel Vanilla Cream from Green Mountain Coffee was made for you.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Caramel Vanilla Cream

Lightly roasted so you can savor the flavor of the beans, topped with a caramel and vanilla flavor.


Another budget buy, this flavored roast from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a welcome break from all the fruity light roasts out there. (Who said light roasts had to be synonymous with red fruits and citrus?)

The naturally sweet, subtle, and almost floral notes of the light roast coffee base blend beautifully with the creamy caramel and vanilla flavors added to this roast. It’s almost like angel’s food in coffee form. 

Flavor notes include buttery caramel, toasted brown sugar, and vanilla.

This ultra-light roast is made with artificial flavors, but it is at least Kosher.

Best For: Fans of light roasted beans who are looking for a break from fruitier, more acidic flavors. Coffee drinkers on a budget will also enjoy this creamy, sweet treat.

10. New England Coffee: Blueberry Cobbler Coffee

For those who live for fruity flavors, the Blueberry Cobbler flavor from New England Coffee tops the flavored coffee list.

Blueberry Cobbler | New England Coffee

Aromatic and fruity. Best served via a drip.


This light-medium roast is simply a smooth coffee. The blueberry flavor is sweet and juicy, but it has a hint of spice.

The New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler roast is begging to be made iced. Blueberry cobbler is a New England classic, after all, so what else would you serve on a hot summer afternoon? Your taste buds will thank you.

Best For: Fans of fruitier flavors and iced coffee enthusiasts. These Arabica beans are sweet, juicy, and make the ultimate refreshing brew in hot weather.

11. Folger’s Gourmet Natural Flavors Caramel Coffee

I know what you’re thinking: Folgers? Really??

Yeah, really.

Believe it or not, your parents’ favorite cheap grocery brand makes some decent flavored coffees. If you’re looking for more exciting morning coffee on a budget, don’t be afraid to give Folgers a try.

Natural Caramel Flavor | Folgers Gourmet

Natural Caramel Flavor | Folgers Gourmet

Enjoy this like a dessert to be sipped slowly. Great if you’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy caramel.


This caramel coffee is a treat, because it’s both budget-friendly and a natural flavor (not the artificial flavors you expect with cheaper brands).

Although this flavored ground coffee was made with iced coffee in mind, caramel is just as good served hot.

Best For: Caramel junkies, coffee lovers on a budget, and fans of both hot and iced coffees.

Flavored Coffees Buying Guide

What Are The Flavor Options?

The most common flavors are hazelnut, vanilla, macadamia nut, almond, praline, blueberry, chocolate, caramel, and pumpkin spice.

But with both artificial and natural flavors as options, the sky is technically the limit.

You probably won’t find any flavor you want, but the most popular coffee flavors like chocolate, vanilla, coconut, nutty flavors, pumpkin, and caramel, are all pretty common.

How Do They Make Flavored Coffee?

How is flavored coffee made? The beans are usually flavored with a sort of oily coating during the roasting process or right after.

The beans are coated with oils, which can be naturally or artificially derived. After the beans have been roasted and degassed, the flavored oils are mixed onto the beans and left to sit for about half an hour to soak in.

(Syrups can also be added to coffee beans this way, but this is rarely done.)

Sometimes, however, roasters will add the real ingredients to the beans during the roasting process. This is more possible with some flavors (like hazelnut) than it is with others (like blueberry).

Occasionally, the ingredients are mixed or ground in with the beans. This is more likely with flavor ingredients like French Vanilla Bean, cinnamon, or nuts.

Flavored Coffee Vs. Coffee Syrups

It’s important to distinguish between flavored coffee and coffee that’s been “flavored” with syrups.

In the coffee industry, flavored coffee refers to coffee beans (or the coffee that’s been brewed from them) that have been naturally flavored during the roasting process.

Flavored coffees take on some of the flavors and aromas of whatever they have been flavored with. They do not have any sugar, fat, or calories added (unless you add it yourself when you brew it in the form of sugar, milk/cream, and any other additives).

Coffee syrups, on the other hand, are often called flavors in coffee shops. You can add these flavors — in the form of sugar-based syrups — to any brewed coffee. Think: a pumpkin spice latte or caramel macchiato.

Coffee syrups definitely have sugar and calories. The flavor impact on your coffee drink is also much stronger.

Note: Adding flavors to coffee in a coffee shop can also come in the form of sweetened powders (especially for chocolate flavors), sauces (basically thicker syrups), or sugar-free syrups/sauces/powders. When in doubt, ask.

The Final Verdict

So is flavored coffee worth it? Yes. Totally! Flavored brews are surprisingly delicious.

These flavored beans pack a sweet punch with no extra calories and sugar. They dress up a simple brew — and an otherwise simple day.

Top Pick
Hazelnut Flavor Coffee Beans | Fabula
  • Single origin
  • Love it or your money back!
  • 15% off subscriptions

With low-acid brands Fabula and Lifeboost making some of the most delicious flavored options out there, and with some of the best flavored coffee brands like Lion Coffee offering decaf options, everyone can enjoy their favorite coffee flavors.

The best flavored coffee is ultimately a matter of opinion, but give these babies a try and let us know how you get on!

Frequently Asked Questions

How bad is flavored coffee for you?

Flavored beans don’t have to be bad for you at all.

Flavoring coffee beans during/after roasting does not add sugar, fat, or even calories to your coffee. All it adds is a subtle flavor (vanilla, hazelnut, etc.) and aroma to your brew.

Unless you add your own sugar or other additives to your flavored roast, it isn’t unhealthy.

But if you use the phrase “flavored coffee” to mean brewed coffee that has had syrup “flavors” added to it, then it can be unhealthy. The syrups you add at coffee shops are usually very sugary.

Generally, it depends on how the beans are flavored and/or if you add your own syrups or sweeteners.

Sugar and extras like full-fat milk should always be monitored as part of a rounded diet.

Does flavored coffee contain sugar?

Flavored ground coffee/beans that are flavored during the roasting process don’t have any sugar in them. You can certainly add your own sugar when you brew a flavored coffee, but it doesn’t automatically come with sugar added.

Any sweetness of flavor you sense is just a flavor note or aroma.

If you go to a coffee shop and see the term “flavored coffees,” however, it’s worth checking. Some may use the phrase to refer to brewed coffees that have been flavored with sugary syrups.

What are the most common flavored coffees?

The most common flavored coffee beans have hints of hazelnut, vanilla, macadamia nut, almond, blueberry, caramel, and pumpkin.

But this is just an observation. Finding information on the most popular flavored coffees is tricky; it’s much easier to find which “flavors” (a.k.a. sugary syrups) people add to their coffees the most.