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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine 2023

You love coffee and want to have the most flavorful espresso every morning. You want an espresso machine at home that’s easy to use and gets coffee in your hands fast.

Coffee lovers gravitate towards super-automatic espresso machines for those very reasons. 

They want a fast espresso machine that allows them to create custom drink settings and frothed milk, all at the touch of a button. 

If that sounds like it ticks all of your boxes, then you’re in the market for an automatic espresso machine. Which is the best super-automatic espresso machine for you?

Let’s take a look at our list of the best super-automatic espresso machines available in 2023.

Alternative Fully Automatic Espresso Machines Summary

The 7 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines 2023

1. Gaggia Brera

If you’re looking for optimal coffee flavor just like your favorite cafe (or maybe even better), you will want to check out this espresso machine.

PROS (+)

  • Produces excellent espresso
  • Compact machine
  • Inexpensive

CONS (-)

  • Froths milk with the manual Panarello steam wand
  • Better for brewing fewer drinks

The Italian Gaggia Brera gives you rich, full-bodied coffee and good crema in a fully automatic espresso machine. 

With its own custom drink settings, you can modify the size and strength of your brew. And you can get it fast: this single boiler machine heats up in less than ten seconds.

The Brera features a classic stainless-steel front, an LED display, and push-button controls with illuminated icons. It looks and feels solid, which is outstanding at this price point.

Customize the grind of your coffee beans with the ceramic burr grinder that has five grind settings. 

Use whole coffee beans, or feel free to use the bypass doser when brewing with pre-ground coffee. The top-loading bean hopper is a bit small, with a capacity of just 8.8 ounces.

To get frothed milk with the Brera, you can’t just press a button as with some other machines on this list. 

This machine has a stainless-steel manual Panarello steam wand that you use to create rich milk foam, either with dairy or plant-based milk. Use the manual Panarello steam wand to steam milk for your latte and get foam for your cappuccino, and also for hot water to make Americanos or tea. 

Manual milk frothing with a steam wand isn’t for everyone, so make sure you’re willing to put in the time to learn before investing in this type of machine.

This quiet and compact machine is just 12.4 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep and accommodates a cup height between 3.25 and 4.5 inches. The coffee spout moves easily to accommodate larger cups or for brewing iced coffee.

The water tank is a bit small, holding just 1.27 quarts or 40 ounces, but it is easy to refill. Keep an eye on the tank, since the Brera doesn’t let you know when it’s low on water. The water reservoir is accessible from the front, so you don’t need to move the machine to refill the tank. 

With this type of coffee machine you don’t need to clean out a portafilter. You just empty out the puck container, which needs to be done frequently because of its small size. 

This machine is ideal for people on a budget who want control over their milk steaming options.

2. Delonghi Dinamica LatteCrema

Attractive and stylish, the Delonghi Dinamica Latte Crema has plenty of features that are incredible at this price point.

PROS (+)

  • Latte Crema automatic milk frother
  • Dual heating system
  • 13 grind settings

CONS (-)

  • Difficult to make latte art with the milk frother

This fully automatic espresso machine makes 18 espresso-based recipes that you can completely customize. 

It creates flavorful espresso, lungo, ristretto, or double espresso in different sizes. You can choose the strength and size of your drink and how much milk you want. 

While this espresso machine specializes in brewing espresso, don’t rule out other types of brewing such as drip coffee and iced coffee.

The automatic milk frother has a Latte Crema milk frothing system that creates perfectly textured milk for your espresso-based drinks. 

So your latte, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, or flat white has never been easier to make. For the best foam, it’s good to use cold skim milk or 2% dairy, and feel free to use plant-based milks with this frother.

This espresso maker is a complete yet compact machine. The LCD display lets you easily program and adjust recipes. 

And you can store your own recipes and get your coffee brewed your way with just the touch of a button. 

The built-in conical burr grinder has thirteen grind settings, but you can bypass the burr grinder when needed. For instance, if you’re going to make just a cup or two with a different coffee bean, such as decaf coffee, you don’t have to use the burr grinder. 

You can add pre-ground coffee whenever you need it. The coffee bean hopper has a generous 10.5-ounce (300 gram) capacity and the lid fits snugly to keep flavor in.

The remarkable dual heating system allows you to brew coffee and heat milk at the same time. The boiler stays at the right temperature for either function and has four temperature settings. 

This coffee machine is self-cleaning and the drip tray and the milk carafe can be put in the dishwasher. This espresso machine is ideal for someone looking for programmable settings for milk-based drinks at a reasonable price point.

3. Jura A1

The Jura A1 immediately captures attention with its sleek design and elegant stance. This espresso machine makes an intensely minimalist statement, and is a beautiful feature on any kitchen counter.

But it’s not just a fashion statement. The Jura is easy to use, intuitive, and uncomplicated. This super-automatic machine is for people who are focused solely on espressos.

PROS (+)

  • Beautiful design
  • Fast conical burr grinder
  • Only makes espresso

CONS (-)

  • Does not have a milk frothing system
  • Cleaners can be costly

This fully automatic espresso machine is a one-cup machine that makes delicious espresso, ristretto, and coffee. If you’re looking to make a latte macchiato, flat white, or cappuccino, you would need to get a separate milk frother.

You can program three cup sizes and select from two coffee strengths, with drinks sizes ranging from 0.5-ounce servings to 8-ounce beverages. 

The coffee spout adjusts to your cup needs, from 2. 3 to 5. 5 inches, so you can fit in most cups and small mugs. You can also brew iced coffee with this coffee machine.

The built-in conical burr grinder is fast, and the hopper has a 4.4-ounce capacity. The hopper is top filling, so keep that in mind when you consider your counter space. The water tank holds 37 ounces and is easy to remove when you need to refill it.

The self-cleaning feature means you don’t have to worry about daily maintenance. The water filter system ensures you have the best water for brewing coffee, though the cleaning tablets can get costly.

You can adjust the automatic shutoff and put some attachments in the dishwasher. When considering counter space, this espresso maker is just 17.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and a little over 12 inches high.

Less expensive than many Jura options, you’ll be surprised at how affordable this coffee machine is. It is best for black coffee drinkers, since it doesn’t have a frother or a manual steam wand.

4. Delonghi ESAM3300

The Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 is a no-nonsense espresso machine that lets you control the variables to produce consistent espressos with optimal flavor.

PROS (+)

  • Flavorful espresso
  • Compact design
  • Economical

CONS (-)

  • Manual milk frothing
  • No screen display

Customize brew settings on the control panel and program your preferences to recreate your favorite drinks. You can adjust the temperature, how strong you want your drink, and the serving size. 

Then the machine takes over and creates your drink. Make flavorful espresso, lungo, or ristretto.

Use the steam wand to create drinks like cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat white. A steam wand is more work than an automatic one, but you get more control. With manual milk frothing, you can also use the milk container of your choice.

The Rapid Cappuccino System keeps the ideal temperature so you can brew espresso drinks back-to-back. And a 60-second heat-up time gets you your coffee fast. At this price point, that’s a lot of features.

With the built-in stainless steel burr grinder you get a surprising 13 adjustable grind settings. You can adjust the spout height to use a variety of cup sizes, anywhere from a short espresso cup to an oversize mug. That’s especially useful if you want to brew iced coffee into a larger glass. 

The water tank capacity is 1.8 liters (60 ounces) and the bean hopper capacity is generous at 8.8-ounces. The removable brew group makes cleaning a breeze.

This model is less expensive than some of the previous ones, but you do pay for the lower price. The design is not as sleek, although it’s still attractive.  Rather than having a digital display, the dial control is rotary. 

You can still get the same functions, and the brewing process is similar, but it’s not as attractive. And the manual wand makes steaming milk a bit more arduous.

5. Gaggia Anima Prestige

Gaggia knows about flavorful espresso. And this modern Anima Prestige is the higher line of their super-automatic espresso machines, made of stainless steel and with an automatic milk frothing system.

You can program your favorite brews and recipes, adjust the strength of your coffee drinks, and change temperature settings. It’s simple to operate with an attractive LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons.

PROS (+)

  • Attractive LCD screen display
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Good price point

CONS (-)

  •  Single boiler machine 

You can make coffee drinks like espresso, doppio, and ristretto. If you want just coffee, you can brew espresso lungo, which gives you the equivalent of an Americano. 

The ceramic burr grinder consistently grinds your coffee beans, but when needed you can bypass the burr grinder and use pre-ground coffee.

One of the best features of this coffee machine is that it froths milk just by pressing one button. Fill the milk carafe and then watch as the machine makes fine-textured foam and serves it in your coffee drinks.

This is perfect if making a cappuccino or latte macchiato is in your daily coffee routine. You can even remove the milk container to clean it or store it in your refrigerator. You can program different temperature settings for the milk frothing system that range from 177.5 degrees Fahrenheit to 184.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a single boiler machine, so you do have to wait between brewing and steaming. The good part is that the machine goes into idle mode after one hour of not using it, which saves energy.

This super-automatic coffee machine is more affordable than some other machines. And you can make your cappuccino and latte macchiato with ease, since the milk frother works with the touch of a button. 

6. Philips 3200

This Philips super-automatic espresso machine isn’t just a pretty face. Yes, it has an attractive design and an easy-to-use touch display that is better than displays on many other machines. But this machine goes beyond just appearances. 

PROS (+)

  • Innovative LatteGo system
  • Touch screen display
  •  Fully adjustable drink settings

CONS (-)

  •  Difficult to create latte art
  • Small water reservoir

With the Innovative LatteGo system you can have fast and easy coffee drinks or milk-based drinks such as a cappuccino or latte macchiato. 

The LatteGo does the frothing work for you, as opposed to a manual steam wand where you have to manually froth the milk for your drink. 

Adjust the strength of your espresso coffee drinks as well as the volume by changing the cup size, foam amount, and brew strength (amount of coffee grounds). 

With this feature, if you like a more intense drink you can program a strong cappuccino with a small amount of milk. Or if you’re looking for a drink with less kick, you can get a weaker latte with a lot of milk.

The ceramic burr grinder has a 12-step grinder adjustment.  If you want to use different coffee beans from other users, you can bypass the burr grinder and add preground coffee.

The removable brew group and the dishwasher-safe parts, such as the milk carafe, make clean-up a breeze while giving you coffee shop quality coffee in just a few minutes. The time you save ordering your coffee and picking it up at a shop may make this machine worth it.

7. Saeco Xelsis

The expensive giant on this list, the Saeco Xelsis is a rock of a machine. Everything is programmable on this large and solid machine.

PROS (+)

  • Solid and durable
  • Completely programmable
  • Easy to use

CONS (-)

  • Expensive
  • Large size

You get amazing espresso taste and rich coffee drinks with a machine that’s simple to use. You can customize the machine to get just the right espresso shot and also program the milk texture.

The Xelsis has 15 coffee settings that give you the freedom to program the coffee strength and coffee volume (serving size). The attractive 3.5-inch touch screen display is easy to read and adjust and feels a bit like a cell phone screen on your coffee maker. 

The Coffee Equalizer is a unique and visual way to adjust the coffee strength and amount of milk foam to make perfect milk-based drinks. The machine features five settings for coffee strength to dose the right amount of coffee grounds. 

There are three settings for taste, which refer to the extraction time. With six programmable user profiles, every member of your family can personalize their coffee drinks and settings. 

This machine features an automatic milk frothing system that gives you control over milk texture to create silky milk-based drinks. 

Double thermo blocks, or a double boiler system, allow you to brew and at the same time steam milk at an accurate temperature.

The ceramic burr grinder has 12 grind settings. You can easily access the water tank in the front of the machine, and the machine will tell you when to add water to the reservoir. 

The Xelsis is also low maintenance. In fact, you can brew 5,000 cups before you need to descale the machine. The milk carafe purges itself so you know you’ll have a clean machine without the fuss.

No doubt about it, this is an expensive machine with a long dial in process. But with all these settings and customizations, you may feel it is well worth it.

The Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Buying Guide

The best super-automatic espresso machines make espressos and milk-based drinks with the simple act of pushing a button. 

But they’re way more complex than simple espresso machines or even semi-automatic espresso machines. They usually come with a burr grinder and, more often than not, automatic milk frothers. 

These espresso machines produce superior quality espresso and they create incredible milk foam.

What exactly does the best super-automatic espresso machine do for you? In just a few minutes it will do all these functions:

  • Grind the coffee
  • Tamp the coffee grounds
  • Brew the espresso
  • Dispense your drink
  • Heat the milk
  • Froth the milk
  • Add the frothed milk to your drink

This type of espresso machine takes the essentials – whole coffee beans and cold milk – and whips them into a dreamy drink. That’s a lot of work, with no effort on your part. It’s also why they’ve become so popular and why they’re expensive.

This type of espresso machine is for you if you love espresso and milk-based drinks and want a machine that does it all for you. 

If you don’t like espressos, there’s no reason to spend this kind of money on a coffee maker. If you aren’t interested in milk-based drinks, you don’t need to spend the extra dough on a milk frothing system, so you might opt for a model that omits them.

Automatic Espresso Machine Types

Obviously, to make espresso and to heat milk, a continuous supply of hot water is the main factor in how super-automatic machines function. 

Super-automatic espresso machines come down to two types of heating systems. The types of heating systems are a single boiler, double boiler, or a heat exchange boiler.

Single Boiler

A single boiler machine has just one boiler, or water heater. If you want to brew and steam simultaneously, you won’t be able to do it with a single boiler.

You’ll have a wait time, which may be short depending on the specific espresso machine. Also, you might find that the steam temperature for milk is not as dependable.

Dual Boiler

A dual boiler machine has, not surprisingly, two boilers. The two heaters are used for two separate purposes; one heats water for coffee, and the other creates steam to heat and froth the milk.

Dual boiler espresso machines are generally more expensive because they have more parts, and they’re a bit more expensive to operate. 

But you get the benefits of a more stable temperature and additional control over milk temperature. With these espresso machines you can brew and steam simultaneously and seamlessly.

Heat Exchange Single Boiler

In a heat exchange system with a single boiler, the machine uses just one boiler to create steam that heats the milk and brews espresso. It heats water to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit to create the steamed milk. 

But then it exchanges that heat, or applies it, to another area of the espresso machine. That way it heats water for the espresso at a lower temperature, about 200 degrees F. 

This function gives you additional control over water and milk temperature without the higher costs of a double boiler espresso machine.

Types of Drinks

What drinks can you make with super-automatic espresso machines? The short answer is, almost anything! Here I’ll go through some of the most common drinks you can make in the best automatic espresso machines.


Coffee drinkers who crave good espresso gravitate to the best automatic espresso machines because of the brew quality. In just a few minutes a super-automatic espresso machine brews your espresso just the way you like it. Some machines are fully programmable to remember the grind size, dose amount, and extraction time.


A short espresso shot, a ristretto takes a regular espresso shot and makes it even more intense. Depending on the super-automatic espresso machine you own, there might already be a setting for this drink.

If not, don’t worry. You can set it yourself by adjusting the espresso settings to a 15-20 second extraction time.

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An espresso with extra water, many super automatics already have a lungo setting. You can simply program your espresso machine’s settings for a lungo or long coffee with the amount of water you desire.


An Americano is an espresso with about 5 times more hot water added. When making it in a super-automatic espresso machine, all you have to do is brew a lungo and with the press of a button you can add more water.


The best automatic espresso machines are great for making milk-based drinks. Lattes are popular coffee drinks that take a shot of espresso, and then fill the cup with steamed milk in a ratio of roughly 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk.

Lattes sometimes get a bit of a layer of foamed milk on top. With super automatic espresso machines you just add milk to the carafe or frother, program in your latte, and the espresso machines do the rest.


According to Italian tradition, a true cappuccino has one shot of espresso and 100 ml of steamed milk. That only gets you about 5 ounces of cappuccino, which may be way smaller than what you’re expecting. 

That’s the good thing about a super-automatic espresso machine. You can program the amount of coffee and milk to get just the drink you want – and then set it so it remembers your preferences. 

You can set it to brew two shots of espresso and more milk, giving you a generous serving size.


Cleaning espresso machines can be a daunting task with all the moving parts. The good news about super-automatic espresso machines is that they’re mostly self-cleaning.

What parts of a super-automatic espresso machine need cleaning? 

Milk systems and brew areas are two factors that need daily attention. But this can take just a few seconds after making a round of espressos, so don’t fear the maintenance.

After every use:

  • Empty the dreg container
  • Flush out the milk system
  • Rinse the group head

Depending on your super-automatic espresso machine, you need to do the following maintenance on a less frequent basis:

  • Clean the milk system (milk residue can stick inside the system and tubes)
  • Descale your machine
  • Clean and lubricate the brew group
  • Clean your burr grinder with a specific cleaner

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each of these tasks. Most automatic espresso machines make these processes simple and take just a few minutes.

What is the best super-automatic espresso machine?

If you don’t mind a more manual milk frothing experience, the best super-automatic espresso machine is the Gaggia Brera. It’s ideal for people on a budget who want a compact machine and a steam wand that gives them control over their steaming options.

If you want a fully automated experience at a reasonable price point, the best super-automatic espresso machine for you may be the Phillips LatteGo. It has a compact design and an innovative system to froth milk. 

And if you’ve got a big budget, check out the Saeco Xelsis for all the possible bells and whistles on a super-automatic espresso machine.

Are super-automatic espresso machines worth it?

While the prices of some super-automatic espresso machines might make you gasp with surprise, the results you get in the cup may make it all worth it.

You’ll get incredible specialty coffee shop results with little effort. They make the brewing process easy and effortless. You’ll love the creamy drinks that super-automatic machines create for you.

Is a super-automatic espresso machine worth the money? 

That’s up to each person to decide. But when you calculate the costs of what your drinks will set you back at a cafe, you might just decide that a super-automatic espresso machine is worth every penny.

How often do you clean a super-automatic espresso machine?

Super-automatic espresso machines make your coffee journey easier, and that includes when it comes to cleaning. 

On a daily basis, a super-automatic espresso machine needs little cleaning beyond rinsing the brews area and the milk system or steam wand, as well as emptying the dreg container and drip tray. 

Automatic espresso machines with a milk frothing system need monthly maintenance, which usually consists of running a machine-specific cleaner through the system and takes just a few minutes. 

Then every one to three months you may need to descale your machine and clean the burr grinder.

Final Verdict: Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

All in all, the right fully auto espresso maker for you is dependent on what you like to drink and how often you brew.

We’d suggest you with the Gaggia Brera if you still want to retain a high level of control and customization with your drinks.

However, if you’re after easy lattes and other milk based drinks without the fuss go with the Delonghi Dinamica Latte Crema