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Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle Review 2023

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gooseneck kettle to level up your coffee game? 

How about one that is as comfortable in a coffee competition as it is on the home brew bar?

The EKG by Fellow is one futuristic kettle. With variable temperature control, precise flow rate, and style for days, this might be the kettle to end all kettles. It even has a hidden video game built-in…No joke!

Whether you’re a brewing beginner or a pro in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, this may be the countertop partner you’ve been looking for.

Read on for our full Fellow Stagg kettle review

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Review

The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle is currently one of the most popular coffee kettles on the market.

Not only is it stacked full of features that make it perfect for competing baristas, but at the same time, it is sleek and minimalist, fitting easily into any home coffee setup. 

PROS (+)

  • Variable temperature control
  • The only kettle worthy of the word sexy
  • Excellent flow rate control for precision pouring

CONS (-)

  • Expensive
  • Smaller hands might not love the handle

Using its variable temperature control, the Fellow Stagg can heat water to your exact chosen level. But that’s not all it can do.

Using the hold feature, the device can keep the water at your selected temperature for up to an hour. Perfect brew water on demand.

With two models, you can choose between the classic or the EKG+. Both models are near-identical, with all the same basic features. The difference is that the EKG+ includes a little Bluetooth magic. 

With built-in Bluetooth functionality, the plus model can be connected to a smartphone. From here you can use an App to keep track of your recipes, and at the same time control the kettle remotely.

This means that you can turn it on and set the water temperature from the comfort of your bed! Combine this with the built-in timer, and you have one futuristic piece of coffee brewing gear.

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The Design

Having won the Red Dot design award in 2018, the Fellow Stagg EKG receives its fair share of compliments when it comes to design.

The Body

The body is constructed of durable 304 stainless steel, as is the lid. It comes in five different colorways, including copper, polished steel, and warm pink, as well as matte black and matte white. 

These colors have been cleverly picked so that regardless of your kitchen, home brew bar, or cafe, there will be a design to match.

Did I mention that the pink model comes with a maple wood handle? Well, It does.

And it is oh so beautiful. If your not a fan of the pink but are vibing on the wooden side, you can upgrade the matte black to a wooden grip, too.

The Handle

All models, minus the pink colorway, come standard with a BPA-free plastic grip.

Being weighted, it acts as a counterbalance to the stainless steel body and the water. This counterweight makes for really smooth pouring regardless of how much water is inside. 

With a fairly unique shape, it allows for multiple holding positions, depending on the size of your hands and how you like to pour.

The Bottom Section

The brain of the Fellow Stagg is in the bottom section.

It is built of plastic, and its design is just as sleek as the kettle’s body. When the base is on the counter, all you’ll see at first glance is the circular LCD and a button/dial combo. 

Acting as a function selector and temperature control, this dial is also the controller for our hidden, Snake-like video game!

At the backside, we have two switches— one to toggle the temperature reading between Fahrenheit and Celsius and one to activate the hold function. 

The former of the two switches will activate Fellow’s built-in video game that I’ve been teasing about, aptly titled ‘Wormy’.

Toggle this switch back and forth and get your gaming fingers ready! See if you can beat 46 seconds and become the new World Wormy Champion! 

All models of the Fellow Stagg EGK have a 900ml capacity, perfect for brewing both small and large batches of coffee. Using a 1200 watt heating element, the Stagg heats the water quickly and efficiently.  

Feature Loaded

The Fellow Stagg has a huge following of pour over coffee lovers.

It’s adored not just for its good looks but its mile-long feature set. Let’s get stuck in a see what juicy goods this electric kettle has to offer.

Variable Temperature Control

The Stagg EKG can be set anywhere from 135°F (40°C) all the way up to 212°F (100°C).

Having such a wide range of temperatures make it excellent for all types of coffee, as well as tea. But hey, even Cup Noodles would love to receive water from this bad boy.

Water temp is set using the combo button/dial on the bottom of the unit. The LCD screen will display the target temperature and the current temperature of the brew water.

Temperature Hold 

One of the really great things about these kettles is their temperature hold function. This function is activated via the switch on the base.

When the hold is turned off, it will function just like a regular kettle. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the unit shuts off.

With the hold function turned on, things start getting a little more interesting. 

First of all, upon reaching your desired temperature, the water is held there instead of shutting off. This is really handy if you want to boil the water first, then grind your coffee or rinse your filter.

The second thing that makes the hold function great is that it can help increase the extraction rate of your brews. 

How does it do that? You can put the gooseneck kettle back onto the base between pours. This means that your brew water will remain at your desired temperature for the entirety of the brew, rather than gradually getting cooler as the brew progresses.  

Once the hold function is engaged, the temperature of the brew water will be maintained for up to 60 minutes.

Built-in Timer

By pressing and holding the button on the base, we can access the EKG’s built-in timer. The timer will give you a countdown, then will start timing your brew.

Bluetooth Enabled

The Fellow Stagg EKG+ is Bluetooth enabled. Now I know what you might be thinking— why the hell would I need my kettle to have Bluetooth!? It’s actually really cool. 

Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect the appliance to a couple of different smartphone Apps. 

Fellow has their own EKG+ app that you can use to set and control the water temp, as well as power the kettle on and off.

It’s pretty basic but could be handy if you want to control the kettle  while you are still in bed in the morning. 

Acaia, a company that makes high-end scales, also has an app that is useful. Using the Acaia Brewbar App, you can connect both the EKG+ and an Acaia scale to your iPhone, allowing you to log your entire brew.

At the same time, the app will take information from both devices to create a ‘brew print’. Excellent for easily repeating recipes.


Performs Like A Champ

If you want a kettle that can pour with precision, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than the Fellow Stagg.

The tip of the spout is shaped in such a way that it allows you to pour incredibly slowly, without any drips or spillage.

Attaining a smooth, completely vertical steam is very easy, as is maintaining the flow rate. This is thanks not only to the shape of the gooseneck spout but also to the weighted handle.

Brewing coffee recipes where precise pouring matters, ones with complex pouring patterns, the Fellow Stagg is a solid option.

I’ve been using mine for the past couple of years and have literally never had it drip water, regardless of how slow I pour. Zero complaints in the pouring department.

Value For Money?

Possibly the only downside to the Fellow Stagg EKG is the price. I mean, the standard model is approx $150, while the Bluetooth-enabled option is approx $200. They are expensive kettles.

But before we decide that it’s too expensive, let’s summarize what we are getting for our hard-earned cash.

A temperature-controlled electric kettle that looks beautiful. Precision pouring, a built-in timer, and fast heat-up times. It also comes with a one-year warranty. 

When we compare it to its competitors, say, the Bonavita or Brewista kettles, the EKG’s cost isn’t crazy high. While it is pricer than those kettles, the Fellow Stagg has a beautiful design and performs like an absolute champ.

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Isn’t For You If…

You don’t need a feature-loaded gooseneck kettle

If you need a simple kettle that heats your water and pours nicely, the Stagg EKG is probably overkill.

You could go with a more basic gooseneck option like the Bonavita or the Hario Buono kettle and just use a handheld thermometer.

You’re on a tight budget

The Fellow is clearly not a budget kettle. If you’re after a kettle that is feature-packed, with a more budget-friendly price tag, the Bonavita variable temperature electric kettle is a great option.   

You’re after a stovetop pour over kettle

If you’re looking for a coffee brewing kettle to heat up on the stove, check out the non-electric version of the Stagg.

It has the same shape, stainless steel construction, ergonomic handle, and pours just as well as the electric one. You can add a thermometer to the lid for accurate water temps.

The Final Verdict

It’s pretty rare to find a piece of brewing gear that is nearly flawless. But I think that’s what Fellow has done here with the Stagg line of kettles. 

They are well made, heat with speed, and pour with exceptional control.

I’ve been using my Fellow Stagg kettle for the past couple of years, and I am yet to find anything about it that I would change (other than the price tag!). 

So if you are a coffee aficionado looking for the perfect gooseneck kettle, and the Fellow Stagg EKG is in your budget, I say go for it. You won’t regret it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the Fellow Stagg made?

The Fellow Stagg EKG is designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

How do you clean a fellow Stagg EKG?

Fill your kettle with a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water, and allow it to soak in the kettle for 20 or 30 minutes without heat. 

When the timer is up, either wipe the interior of the kettle clean with a microfiber cloth or sponge, or, if your kettle is super dirty, you can boil the solution to loosen things up. You can use a pipe cleaner to get into the spout and give it a scrubbing at the same time.

Note: Be sure to not get any of the electrical components of the kettle wet.