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Laugh Your Ass Off Funny Coffee Memes: 2023 Edition 

Memes are one of the cornerstones of the internet as we know it. They give us all a sense of community and let us express ourselves with people who share our sense of humor. 

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve probably also seen your fair share of funny coffee jokes about the potent brew–but we want to share some of our own favorites. 

It doesn’t take a passionate love of coffee to get these jokes, but a love of coffee definitely helps.

1. Types Of Coffee Drinkers

Fuzzy creatures are a mainstay of meme humor, and owls with their expressive-looking faces are a popular choice. 

This piece uses drawings of owls to illustrate some of the stereotypes of the kinds of people who drink certain types of coffee–or, more specifically, certain caffeine levels. 

Anyone who’s accidentally gotten decaf or who has accidentally overdone it with 1 too many brews can probably relate to the different owls depicted.

2. Caffeine, You’re My Only Hope

If you’re familiar with the Star Wars saga, you probably know one of the catchphrases from the first movie of the original trilogy: “Help me, Obi-wan, you’re my only hope.” 

A lot of coffee addicts feel very similarly about their first coffee in the morning, though, unlike Leia, they don’t have to count on an R2 unit for their fix of it.

3. The First Sip Of Coffee

Coffee lovers prize that first sip of coffee in the morning like nothing else. 

This Japanese macaque is enjoying a hot spring, but its expression wouldn’t go missing on the face of a true coffee aficionado, enjoying their first taste of the day of their favorite brew. 

The macaque may not have a coffee mug in its hands, but the joy in its expression is something we can all relate to as we get our coffee fix.

4. No Decaf Coffee Here, Please

One of the classic meme formats involves this old-school image of a bare-knuckle boxer, usually paired with old-timey references to “fisticuffs” or asserting manliness. 

In this instance, the old-timer is doubtful of the merits of drinking decaf. While those who still want their coffee, even if they can no longer handle the buzz probably like it, many coffee purists are against decaf on principle.

5. Picasso’s Creativity Boost

Pablo Picasso is known for being one of the forerunners of the cubist style of painting, which uses mixed perspectives and geometric shapes to turn a straightforward image into something more abstract. In this image, Picasso’s style plays against the way most coffee lovers feel before they get their first cup of coffee.

6. Everyone Needs A Brew

Many coffee drinkers have an attitude towards the brew that goes beyond simple enjoyment. 

For the true coffee lover, they don’t just want coffee–they need coffee. This coffee meme pays tribute to the special relationship some people have to their cup of coffee, using Baby Yoda to illustrate the feeling. 

Coffee really does lend a lot of us emotional support on hard days, and no one can dispute its effective.

7. Cock & Coffee

The morning coffee is an excellent way to take a bad start to the day and turn it right around. 

Some people also swear by a little morning sex to flip the mood. This meme plays on those recommendations with a little pun based on the word “cock.” 

Generally, though, a rooster would probably only make a bad morning worse for most people. But some coffee? It definitely helps.

8. Coffee Over Crack

Stimulants help many of us get through the day, and while there are stronger stimulants, coffee has the benefit of being available, and well, legal!

While the comparison to cocaine is a little exaggerated, it is definitely true that coffee has much greater potential health benefits than the white stuff. 

No one really wants to make it illegal, and while it’s addictive, it doesn’t seem to do anything too bad to humanity. 

9. The Coffee High

While coffee is indeed delicious, most of us prize it also for the stimulating effect that comes from the caffeine. 

In fact, some people are so fond of the coffee buzz that they’d gladly take coffee intravenously if they could. 

It is not a safe option, but this picture sums up the way many coffee addicts feel. When you truly need coffee, you’ll do anything to get it.

10. The Coffee Aroma

One of the most appealing scents in the world is the smell of coffee brewing. 

This kitten displays the feelings so many of us have when we catch even the faintest smell of fresh coffee in the air, down to the expression on its face. 

While it isn’t a human being, the posture and the expression are very relatable. No one could mistake it–at least on a human face.

11. Being A Mom Is Hard

Moms have a formidable job and one that sees them handling crises at all hours of the day and night. Mom humor tends towards the dry as a result, and this classic coffee meme illustrates that perfectly. 

Normally, parents try to avoid colorful language around their kids, but sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. The kids will understand it when they’re a little older, especially once they try coffee.

12. Yawn If You Need A Brew

For those of us who love coffee, a major perk is how it peps us up. 

We’re often used to having a coffee whenever we feel the least bit sleepy or tired–hence this meme. 

While yawning happens for many reasons, it is often because we feel tired, so it makes perfect sense to consider it your body screaming out for that coffee buzz.

13. The Coffee Fairy Tale

Coffee is like a magical elixir: just a few sips, and we feel better, stronger, faster, alert.

It is so magical, in fact, that it’s easy to think of it as the truth behind fairy tale potions, hence this meme. It may seem a lot more mundane, but a healthy dose of coffee can help the right person move mountains–making it pretty awesome. 

Coffee can help us tackle anything!

14. Sorry, I’m Taken

“If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?” is a common grade school comeback. 

When it comes to coffee, some of us love the brew better than our most precious electronics. 

Certainly, it’s not hard to think of our relationship to coffee as a long-term commitment. This meme takes the trope of relationship status as “complicated” and spins it.

While coffee might not make a spouse legally, it certainly brightens the life.

15. Don’t Provoke Me

Some of us need a little bit of time to drink coffee before we’re ready to deal with people in the morning, especially at work. 

A good coffee can help us be our best selves, and this piece highlights that particular fact. Let the coffee lover in your office get their first cup before you approach them, or beware of the possible results. 

Maybe consider a peace offering of coffee from the start.

16. The Coffee Lie

Sometimes, even the best of us have to lie to ourselves about how productive we will be. 

Coffee helps us to feel capable of tackling the world’s challenges, but it’s not enough to make them disappear. Sometimes, that cup of coffee helps us tell ourselves we’ll get more done than we know we will, and we need that. 

Even when we don’t get anything done, coffee helps the day go by more sweetly.

17. The Survival Necessity

If you’re addicted to being caffeinated, it can seem downright impossible to imagine living without coffee. 

While–of course–it’s definitely possible, it’s certainly not comfortable since the withdrawal creates some very unpleasant symptoms. While coffee might not strictly speaking be necessary for life, it definitely feels that way sometimes.

18. Two Things I Need

When you think about what you truly need, how long is the list? 

The person who created this meme has very definite priorities: coffee and Jesus Christ. A lot of coffee drinkers who are also devoted to their religion probably feel similarly. 

At the end of the day, if you’ve got coffee, how much extra do you really need? It turns out, not much.

19. Pure Coffee-Euphoria

Comparing coffee to other, usually, illicit substances is a longstanding tradition, for good reason: coffee makes us feel good in ways few other things do. 

This meme compares the euphoria that comes with a good coffee to the feeling of harder drugs and makes the point that coffee is the better bargain. 

No one blames a coffee addict for needing to drink coffee, after all.

20. Mondays & Coffee

Almost no one looks forward to Monday morning. 

The weekend never seems to be long enough, and the workweek always seems to stretch out into infinity, and it can seem like the better option just to stay in bed. 

But the creator of this meme has a creative idea to summon the most stubborn coffee-loving people to where they need to be.

21. Another Cup of Coffee Please

Another familiar meme format features the set up “If someone tries to tell you…” and finishes with the advice to cut that person out of your life, as you don’t need their negativity. 

A lot of coffee aficionados would say they need coffee and not just a single serving. If you’re getting shamed by other people for your coffee love, this meme is for you.

22. Moses

Puns are a big staple of visual jokes of all kinds, and coffee memes are no exception. 

The joke in this meme hinges on the fact that “He brews it” (as in his coffee) sounds like “Hebrew,” as in the language of the Torah. 

It’s a fairly simple joke, but it’s worth a chuckle or two.

23. BS Me Later

For the true coffee fan, the brew doesn’t just add pep to the step or improve the day. It makes it easier to deal with all kinds of stress. 

Especially at work, it can be the secret to good professionalism and manners. 

This meme may be somewhat rude in language, but it expresses a feeling that many of us have. If there’s one thing coffee is good at, it’s helping us handle other people’s BS.

24. The Mug Life

While a coffee cup or mug can play host to any number of beverages or other liquids, coffee fans prioritize their favorite brew. 

This meme plays on the term “thug life” and a common phrase citing the lack of choice to take it on to describe the life of the happy coffee addict, turning an assertion of toughness into something funnier.

25. Feeling It Yet?

Lots of funny coffee memes revolve around some of the side effects of the potent drink. Too much coffee, and you’ll probably find your hands and sometimes your whole body shaking, which is what this coffee joke is about. 

While it’s an unpleasant potential side-effect, many are definitely willing to risk it for the buzz. Sometimes you can only find your limit by surpassing it.

26. No Thanks, Decaf

If you’re someone who’s used to the regular high octane brew, having decaf coffee instead can wreak havoc on your day. 

Whether your coffee shop accidentally served you the wrong type or your doctor told you to switch to decaf coffee, it can be a tough adjustment, and this meme playfully suggests that’s even the case for coffee cups.

27. Addicted

True coffeeholics always know where the closest coffee shop is, and many people who love coffee know all the cafe’s not just on the route to work but also wherever else they normally go. 

Some folks even make sure to note in their GPS where they can get their coffee fix whenever they take a road trip. Why take the road to recovery if there’s no Starbucks there?

28. Bad Morning

If there is one thing to know about manners at work, it is that you shouldn’t try to talk to someone before they’ve had a chance to get their coffee and get settled in.

While killing a person for bothering you before you’ve had your coffee fix may seem a little extreme, it probably doesn’t feel that unreasonable when you really need coffee—plan to approach your coworkers after coffee to stay alive.

29. Coffee IV

As mentioned in a previous entry, many a coffee lover has claimed that they’d take the brew intravenously if they could. 

This simple image captures that sense, which can be especially strong when you feel like you really need coffee. For some of us, if it were safe we wouldn’t just drink coffee, we’d have it flowing in our bodies at all times.

30. Only 1 Cup

While coffee is generally healthy, for some health conditions, doctors suggest limiting your intake. 

This meme shows a loophole to the recommendation to limit your coffee drinking to one cup a day. With a sufficiently big mug, you can have more than an entire pot of the potent brew. 

Some coffee fans will do anything to get extra coffee in their lives.

31. Honesty

Coffee helps us get out of bed, and coffee helps us keep our eyes open, but possibly the biggest talent the dutiful beans have is helping us deal with others. 

A lack of coffee leads to irritability, even if you don’t necessarily get withdrawal symptoms. A good friend will make sure you always have coffee, both out of kindness and to prevent murder.

32. Me Without Coffee

Coffee does a lot for us. 

One thing it does particularly well is help us all to think effectively, especially on a Monday morning when we’re exhausted from trying to make everything come together over the weekend. 

This cat clearly needs its coffee fix, just like we all so often do. When you need coffee, everything and anything seems to take so much longer, including cleverness.

33. My Coffee, Not Yours

Lots of coffee fans get a little selfish when it comes to their favorite brew. 

“If you can see this…” jokes are usually found on cars, sometimes found on shirts, but this one helps to keep potential coffee thieves away from your cup, which someone who truly loves coffee will appreciate. 

Anything to make sure your coffee doesn’t get stolen is probably a good thing.

34. My Kind Of Gas Station

What gas is to cars, coffee is to many a human being out there, helping us to kick ourselves into gear and get things done. 

This playful comic imagines a fill-up station where instead of topping up your car’s tank, you can get your fill of coffee. 

Considering how fast-paced life tends to be and how many folks need coffee on the go, this idea might actually have some traction.

35. Jet Fuel

It’s no secret that coffee is the “get up and go” solution for many. 

When it comes to getting out of bed, coffee makes it possible. It chases away the Monday morning blues, and coffee also helps us all get through the day with a little more grace. 

A good, strong pot of coffee may make you feel like you’re about to take off on escape velocity in the best way possible.

A good meme can communicate just about anything, and coffee fanatics have definitely kept the humor coming with funny coffee jokes and images. 

While not all of them are accessible or appropriate for kids, they are the kind of humor that coffee fans all over the world can relate to.