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How Much Do Starbucks Baristas Make? [Per Hour, Average Pay]

Starbucks is probably the biggest coffee chain in the world, with over 33,000 stores across the globe. It currently has over 15,000 stores (and counting!) in the United States.

The hourly pay for a Starbucks barista would not be that much different from the national average in the country since it’s an entry-level position. But you can expect salary increases and great benefits over time!

So how much do Starbucks baristas earn precisely?

Check out this article to find out how much employees (or partners, as the coffee giant would like to call them) at Starbucks earn per hour.

DISCLAIMER: The average hourly pay presented in this article differs per location. The annual salary included is based on the total hours worked. Holidays, special days, and leaves were not considered.

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How Much Does a Starbucks Barista Make?

The average pay a Starbucks barista makes per hour is $17. The past average wage for an employee used to be around $13 per hour.

The minimum wage differs per state and Starbucks branch, and some stores would offer a minimum of as low as $11 per hour for their baristas.

But with the worsening financial crisis and the rising cost of necessities, employees and the labor board have begun taking action.

Recently, Starbucks announced a new minimum wage of $15 per hour for entry-level positions. This means that employees can now earn an annual pay of approximately $31,200.

Aside from this, Starbucks has also announced pay increases of up to 10%:

  • Workers who have been in the company for more than a year can get an increase of 5%.
  • Workers who have been working for more than four years can get an increase of 10%.

How Much Does a Starbucks Barista Make in the Different States?

The average income for a barista in Starbucks varies per location.

Some stores offer more than the minimum wage, but more or less, the new average salary for a Starbucks barista this year would be $17 per hour.

The highest paying Starbucks shops in the country are notably in the states of California, Alaska, and Washington.

With the previous average rate, an employee can earn an annual salary ranging from $28,125 to over $29,900.

The hourly rates for these states would reach up to:

  • Alaska: $15.32 per hour
  • California: $15.57 per hour
  • Washington: $14.96 per hour

Of course, you can expect much higher annual rates with the newly implemented wages.

Here is the starting pay for baristas in other states:

  • Arizona: $12.57 per hour
  • Florida: $11.49 per hour
  • Georgia: $11.03 per hour
  • Texas: $10.67 per hour

NOTE: These numbers are the previous wages before the announced salary increase in 2022.

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How Much Do Other Starbucks Employees Make?

Do you think the barista life may not be for you? Starbucks also offers other positions that might interest you!

You might want to look into managerial roles if you think making coffee and serving customers do not suit your skills and expertise.

Check out the starting pay for these positions below!

How Much Does a Starbucks Shift Supervisor Make?

Shift supervisors mainly manage employee shifts, but they are also expected to delegate tasks. The job of a shift supervisor can be challenging, so it’s vital for one to be highly organized. A shift supervisor also works alongside store managers.

A shift supervisor at Starbucks gets paid an average of $14 by the hour. A week of working as one can get you as much as $560.

Can you qualify for the position if you have prior experience as a barista?

Yes! It is a must to have prior experience and training in the business to qualify.

How Much Do Assistant Store Managers Make?

Assistant store managers are next in line to store managers in terms of hierarchy. As might be expected, assistant store managers are paid more than baristas and shift supervisors.

An assistant store manager in Starbucks mainly handles operations in a branch alongside managers. An assistant manager trains and handles employees and ensures the quality of the services provided in the store.

An assistant store manager is paid an average annual salary of $37,551 or approximately $19.55 an hour.

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How Much Does a Store Manager Make?

The store manager in Starbucks handles entire store operations. This includes all matters about employees and customers.

Naturally, the store manager gets the highest pay with an average annual income of $54,758 or an approximately hourly wage of $28.52.

Starbucks Employee Benefits

Starbucks is unlike any other company because it offers the BEST benefits and perks you won’t be getting as easily in other companies.

The benefits offered are so good that you’ll certainly be grateful for choosing Starbucks as your employer!

  • To start, Starbucks provides complete health insurance to all of its employees, whether full-time or part-time. Employees will be getting full dental, medical, vision, and life insurance.
  • Starbucks is also generous when it comes to leaves. When you start working at Starbucks, you’re entitled to several leaves, mainly family and parental leave. The company also offers a paid-time-off benefit.
  • Did you know you could also get FREE drinks? Employees are entitled to free drinks while on the job and discounted prices outside shifts. Plus, the company offers a weekly free pound of coffee too.
  • If you’re a music lover, you can certainly spend your time enjoying the Spotify premium subscription benefit also offered by Starbucks to all of its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions? Here are some of the most asked questions that you might be looking for.

Do Starbucks Baristas Get Paid Well and Make Good Money?

Yes! Starbucks baristas get paid well and make good money.

We can start by comparing the pay at Starbucks vs. the national minimum wage. The national minimum wage in the US is $7.25, and entry-level at Starbucks can get you an average of $17.

The difference is huge.

We can also compare the income at Starbucks vs. other coffee shops and food chains. Most coffee shops would pay their baristas more or less in the same range. But there are also coffee shops that pay as low as $8 for entry-level positions.

What makes Starbucks stand out from all the other competition is definitely the great benefits.

This includes the opportunity of getting additional compensation. Employees can get additional compensation through overtime, bonuses, and tips.

On top of that, Starbucks is known to be generous when it comes to bonuses, so employees can anticipate higher pay eventually.

For part-timers, the hourly rate is the same, but of course, they’ll be working fewer hours.

Also, chances are, part-timers will not get the chance to work overtime, but the pay and benefits are great nonetheless.

How Much Money Do Starbucks Baristas Make in Tips?

How much an employee can earn through tips usually depends per day. You can definitely anticipate more on busy days!

On days when a store is bustling, an employee can make up to $30 on tips. On luckier days, it can go up to as high as $80.

These are usually collected per week and distributed evenly by the managers between the employees. An employee can get more share if they have been working more hours.

What Is the Highest Paying Job at Starbucks?

Starbucks has different departments that offer several jobs. An employee can choose to work in retail, corporate, or manufacturing.

In retail specifically, the district manager gets paid the most.

Simply put, they handle and lead several branches and ensure high-quality service by creating plans that drive each store to operate successfully. They also handle training alongside store managers.

The average annual pay for a district manager at Starbucks can go up to $112,964.


To summarize:

  • The average compensation a Starbucks barista makes hourly is $17.
  • The average income for a barista in Starbucks can vary per branch and state.
  • You can receive benefits like complete health insurance, generous work leaves, free coffee and drinks, and a Spotify Premium subscription.

Starbucks is the biggest coffee chain in the world, and it has been providing jobs for thousands of people for years.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that working as a barista at Starbucks has always been a popular choice, especially for those looking for the perfect summer or part-time job!

This company offers great wages per week with the best benefits you surely won’t be receiving from any other company.