When it comes to sipping on your favorite espresso-based brew, it’s likely you first tried it in a coffee shop somewhere.

For most of us, coffee shops are places to meet friends or sometimes get our head down and work. Regardless if you drink your coffee black or enjoy a sweet syrupy brew, I think we can both agree that a coffee shop can quickly become somewhat of an institution.

Inversion Coffee House nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas is such a place. It’s more than just your local neighborhood haunt to feed you caffeine addiction.

The History Of Inversion Coffee House

As I noted above, Inversion isn’t your regular coffee house and there’s a reason people rave about it.

Historically, the place is next to the location of a famous art installation by 2 local sculptors – Dan Heavel and Dean Rock. The duo took 2 previously dilapidated buildings in 2005 and created a vortex made of wood that you could walk right through from one side to the other!

Inversion House

As you can see in the image above and below, It was a rather trippy ass piece of art, and it looked like a rather psychedelic black hole, especially cool when you walked inside! In order to create this piece of Art, the duo took the two houses and essentially cut a huge hole in the middle and then used woodwork to create the effect of a huge vortex.

There was nothing like Inversion House in Houston or even nationally at the time, and it earned nationwide media attention.

Inside the Inversion Vortex

The installation was only temporary, and it was knocked down in 2007 in place for what we now know as Inversion Coffee House and the Houston Art League. Both are connected under one roof, and the Art League showcases local upcoming talent on projects which can pick as much attention as Inversion House did.

While the artwork has now been replaced by the permanent fixture of the Houston Art League (a great place to visit after enjoying your brew!), Inversion coffee shop still retains some of this arty charm inside.

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Inside Inversion Coffee

Once you’re inside, you’ll notice super cool pieces of art decorate the walls on each side. Look up when the barista is serving you coffee to see even more artwork on the step near the back too, including physical displays.

There’s a nice ambiance inside too and you can get some work down while chowing down on their famous cinnamon donut and drinking a cuppa Joe!

You’ll realize when you get inside, that it feels much more than just a coffee shop. With its rich history, arty feel and high ceilings Inversion pushes real hipster vibes in a friendly way.

The Coffee Menu

Now, if you end up at Inversion, it’s going to be for coffee of course. What else? As a result, it’s quintessential we discuss the menu.

While you can pick up all your regular espresso-based coffees here, along with chillers and cold brews there’s some other interesting stuff on the coffee menu too.

For me, the most interesting side of things is actually their handmade baked items. If you enjoy a tasty latte with a sweet treat check out the cinnamon donuts, they’re soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside…Yummy!

Wrapping Up

You can probably tell reading this post that the history behind Inversion house is what makes it so interesting. This along with the fact the coffee rocks too!

There’s nothing like a friendly barista who greets you with a smile, making your favorite brew to perfection. This, coupled with the feel of the place and arty vibes, it’s a place anyone would feel right at home.

So grab a coffee from Inversion and enjoy the artwork thinking about the trippy vortex which ripped through where you’re probably sitting!