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Nespresso Vertuoline Vs Evoluo – What’s the Difference?

The espresso is such a complex pillar of coffee culture for coffee lovers like us.

Not all espresso fans have the time to learn about proper tamping techniques, preinfusion, and latte art. Even less have resources to buy equipment that lets connoisseurs make good espresso for themselves at home.

The automatic coffee and espresso machine fix that issue for us to an extent, especially when paired with capsules and a milk frother.

This is a review-comparison of the Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo. Both machines are of decent value, so what remains is for you to decide which machine best fits your coffee requirements.

Older Original Model
Nespresso VertuoLine Original
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02/24/2023 06:44 pm GMT
Overall Winner
Nespresso Evoluo
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02/24/2023 09:43 pm GMT

The Nespresso Vertuoline and the Evoluo Comparison

In this article, I will be placing two machines head-to-head: The Nespresso Vertuoline vs the Evoluo.

As a professional barista, I place great importance on certain variables when selecting equipment. The quality of the espresso, the temperature of the milk, speedconsistency, water tank size, and of course, the design or fit on the bar area.

While home brewers can focus on the same things, introducing capsules simplifies things in general. Having a coffee maker and a milk frother in your house now feels like having your own personal barista at your every beck-and-call.

With this in mind, if I am not making coffee myself, I’d like to put my espresso in the “hands” of the better machine. For me, this is why the Evoluo Nespresso machine is a more sensible choice vs the Vertuoline given my priorities.

A closer look at each Nespresso coffee maker is in order so you can decide for yourself as well. Each detail, in my opinion, is worth-examining for purposes of this article. Let’s go through them in order of release: Vertuoline first, Evoluo second. We’ll end with my verdict on which machine edges the other out per aspect discussed.

Design + Size

Let’s stop kidding ourselves and accept the fact that looks (and size) matter initially. Performance (in all things) can save any shortcomings externally, but let’s talk about that later.

The Nespresso Vertuoline has a small footprint. At 11.91 x 8.30 x 11.93 inches, weighing 12.34 pounds, it barely takes up any counter space. It can even fit on a desk as long as the surface can withstand possible wetting.

The Nespresso Evoluo is slightly bigger at 9.00 x 12.20 x 12.30 inches, with a total weight of 11 pounds. As a release after the Vertuoline, you can tell that some adjustments were made internally that manifested in the machine’s design.

At a glance, the Vertuo is rounder in general shape, while the Evoluo is more of a box-type from the front view of the machine and water tank lines.

VERDICT: This depends all on you. But the Evoluo wins based on my personal preference. I prefer solid lines and corners. But this could possibly be your coffee machine we’re talking about, so this area is totally your consideration.

Brew Cup Sizes

Coffee machines are purchased to meet our preferences and to make our lives easier. With that said, how you drink your coffee affects the size of the cups you need.

The Nespresso Vertuoline allows you to adjust for up to 5 cup sizes: 1.35 oz, 2.70 oz, 5 oz, 8 oz, 14 oz. You can go anywhere from espresso to some special personal recipe without worry about spillage.

The Nespresso Evoluo also allows you to adjust between 5 cup sizes.

VERDICT: Tie. Whatever you decide, as your daily coffee machine, the both the evolou Vertuo will allow you more room to experiment. Nonetheless, both would still be apt for purists who only shuttle between regular coffee and espresso.

Reservoir Size

Since coffee is 98% water, it’s an ultra-important but often overlooked aspect of brewing.

In regular coffee and espresso machines, your water tank should be emptied and refilled with mineral water daily. Why? Because mineral water alters its general state when exposed. It’s also to prevent any nasty things growing in your reservoir.

Your coffee drinking habits should be supported by water tank size, without you having to refill too much in a day.

The Nespresso Vertuoline has a water tank capacity of 40 oz, while the Nespresso Evoluo boasts of a 54 oz tank. 1 fluid ounce is almost 30 ml, so that’s a 420 ml difference in single-load capacity

That’s a difference of 10 espressos or nearly 2 full cups of regular coffee! (think about the capsules as well when examining your workflow with Nespresso-style machines). You should have a system for disposing of or recycling each used capsule.

VERDICT: Evoluo. If size matters to you. 2 big cups or 10 small cups will matter if coffee makers are shared home/office resources. The Vertuoline’s 40 oz capacity isn’t bad, but bigger is better in some cases. This is one something that maters to me personally when it comes to coffee. The question is, does it bother you?

Brewing System

Coffee quality is determined by so many factors. In an automatic coffee and espresso machine, you can only focus on specs as these will hint at inherent differences in capability.

For example, the consistency of temperature is dependent on the motor of coffee makers, among other things. Too hot and you over-extract, while too cold and you under extract.

Power requirements can hint at the efficiency of these motors. The latest Nespresso Vertuoline needs 1350W to power its motor. The Nespresso Evoluo also goes with 1350 W. Interesting power equivelence given that the Evoluo has a bigger (54 oz) tank. In this case, Evoluo vs efficiency wins!

It is essential to mention that Evoluo came about because of complaints about the drink temperature of the Vertuoline. The Evoluo literally exists to address this issue, among others, better.

VERDICT: Evoluo. I mean you can’t go wrong if it was specifically created to be better in at least one specific area over the other.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The best-designed coffee makers allow you to relax after pushing the brew button. All you need to come back for is the used capsule, or store it in the compartment made for it.

Both the Nespresso Vertuoline and the Nespresso Evoluo machines have an automatic shut off feature after 9 minutes. What does this imply? Yup you guessed it.



Nespresso boasts of their patented centrifusion technology for their newer coffee maker lines. The Nespresso Vertuoline came out before the Evoluo, but both machines have this capability.

It’s a combination of “centrifugal” and “infusion”. They describe how the capsules spin inside the machine at up to 7000rpm (revolutions per minute) and soak the grounds.

As water enters the coffee ground capsules, they infuse according to the combination of the coffee maker and capsule type. It’s an attempt at automating a critical aspect of coffee extraction, at an insanely precise rate.

From here you select your coffee of the day from available capsules, brew, and repeat. Remember to recycle the used capsule, and keep enjoying your coffee without breaking a sweat. Or a scale.

What does this mean?

You know how certain coffee recipes call for consistency to a point where they need a specific spoon movement to taste a certain way? From the strokes to the actual number of times you make full revolutions, centrifusion technology is an automated version of that.

With Nespresso-type pod machines, the beans are pre-measured and ground in sealed capsules (to preserve the taste). From here, they’re placed inside a Vertuoline or Evoluo-type machine that identifies the pod, and brews.

As a result, it puts Nespresso machines compared to other brands, as a company that has tried to dive deep down into quality-coffee culture.

For example, you would want to increase extraction for lightly-roasted beans versus dark roasted ones. What the Nespresso Vertuoline and Nespresso Evoluo coffee and espresso machines do is identify how to brew based on the capsules.

Stand Out Features

In case you’re still undecided, here’s a quick rundown of the standout features of each Nespresso machine.

“With less power comes less….electricity.”but not overall power.

The Nespresso Vertuoline uses equal power vs the Evoluo, but the latter was designed to brew at a hotter, more consistent rate than the former.

“Value for money.”

Like I mentioned earlier, the Evoluo vs Vertuoline debate will be decided on a personal budget as well. Reach higher for minimal quality improvement? It depends.

“Water is life”

While a 40 oz tank already makes a lot of coffee, depending on your situation, reaching for that 54 oz tank would make a lot of sense. Especially if it suits your coffee lifestyle.

If this is one of the more standout differences in the Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo decision that’s looming above your head, read up on both more! Customer reviews help. Look at 5-star reviews and 1-star reviews of the Evoluo and the Vertuoline, and see which comments you relate to more.


The Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo head-to-head is challenging to break down. The coffee machines are both similar enough to execute what they were created for at a base level. After the basics and in the finer details, you get to decide on preferences in design, quality priorities, and, of course, capsules.

Use Nespresso Evoluo vs the Vertuoline if:

  • You use light-roasted bean capsules
  • You need a bigger reservoir for your coffee maker
  • You don’t mind the premium price for a better-polished machine
Overall Winner
Nespresso Evoluo
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/24/2023 09:43 pm GMT

Use Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo if:

  • you like dark roasted bean capsules
  • you need smaller espresso machines
  • you like variety in the types of sizes of coffees you drink
Older Original Model
Nespresso VertuoLine Original
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/24/2023 06:44 pm GMT

Whether you end up with a Vertuoline Nespresso machine or the Evoluo, I hope you arrive at a more informed decision after this article. 

At the very least, perhaps you got to examine your coffee habits better. Capsules are a workaround to brewing good espresso at home, so go ahead and explore more with your next coffee maker. 

Good luck, and keep brewing!