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What Its The Starbucks Puppuccino & How Do You Order One?

If you like to take your dog with you everywhere you go, you may find yourself wondering if there’s any way to give them a special treat at your favorite coffee shop. 

Good news! Starbucks, along with a few other coffee chains, offers an option to let your pup partake right with you–without risking them getting sick. Starbucks loves dogs and wants to keep them and their owners happy.

To learn more about exactly what a Puppuccino is and whether it’s a good idea to treat your dog to one, read on!

What Is A Puppuccino?

The word Puppuccino is a portmanteau made up of the words “puppy” and “cappuccino.” But that doesn’t mean it has any espresso in it. 

A few variations exist, but if you order a Puppuccino at Starbucks, what you’ll get is a “short” cup with just sweetened whipped cream inside. The cup is the smallest standard size Starbucks offers, and Starbucks whipped cream makes a nice treat.

The Puppuccino isn’t an official Starbucks menu item, and you won’t find it on any official documentation.

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Instead, the Starbucks Puppuccino is a secret menu item–part of the collection of drinks and treats made from components already available at each location, just combined in recipes that haven’t gotten the corporate seal of approval.

If you want to order this popular, secret menu item for your furry friends, it’s very simple. At some Starbucks locations, all you have to do is order a Puppuccino the same way you would any drink: ask for it by name. 

But is a puppuccino free? Usually, yes!

It’s a fairly well-known recipe, and the Starbucks Puppuccino has gotten enough press for most baristas to have heard of it, even with the secret menu status.

But it is possible to run into a barista who has never heard of the Puppuccino. It also isn’t easy to order on the Starbucks app. 

The Starbucks Puppuccino is just a small cup of whipped cream. Therefore, all you have to ask for is an espresso cup filled with whipped cream. You can also sometimes ask for a pup cup and get a small Starbucks cup of whipped cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puppuccinos Bad For Dogs?

Straight-up whipped cream is not exactly healthy food for anyone, dog or human. 

But a little whipped cream every once in a while isn’t likely to hurt your pet. It’s not a good idea to get your furry buddy their Puppuccino as an everyday thing; all-natural treats without sugar added to them are a better option, and of course, regular dog food is still better.

It’s also important to know that most dogs are lactose intolerant once they become adults, and too much dairy can be harmful. A little whipped cream isn’t enough to cause tummy troubles.

Are Starbucks Puppuccinos Free?

Usually, a Puppuccino is free since it’s just whipped cream and not very much. You may get charged for extra whip if you order through the app, but in person, most baristas will give it to you for no charge.

How Much Does A Puppuccino Cost?

Starbucks doesn’t usually charge for whipped cream, but some locations do. At most, expect to pay 50 cents, which is pretty cheap as dog treats go.