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Real Good Coffee Co Review: Legit Or Not?

Are you overwhelmed by all the choices when buying coffee? Do you just want a straightforward coffee that’s freshly roasted, packaged in a simple way, and sent to your door?

Then Real Good Coffee Co. may be the best choice for you. They’ve said adios to the fancy names, flowery descriptions, and thorough explanations of coffee processing that are so popular now. They offer you coffee they consider to be good. Period.

In this Real Good Coffee Co. review, I’ll help you through the pros and cons of their coffee offering so you can decide which coffees may be the best for your tastes.

Who is Real Good Coffee Co?

Real Good Coffee Co. started in Seattle, the city that saw the birth of Starbucks and countless other coffee companies.

They’ve been working with coffee for over 30 years and pride themselves on being coffee purists. But they stop just before becoming coffee snobs.

Real Good Coffee Co
  • Freshly roasted
  • Buy whole beans/ground/k-cup coffee
  • Excellent value

PROS (+)

  • No frills
  • Fresh roasted
  • Easy choices

CONS (-)

  • Few bean options
  • Emphasis on dark roast

They could be called Real Simple Coffee Co., since their mission is to de-complicate coffee. They want coffee to be simple and satisfying, without all the hype and fancy labels.

They built the company on three basic claims: freshness, affordability, and good tastes.

Real Good Coffee Co. is great for

People looking for a straightforward, no-frills coffee experience. If you just want to order simple coffee and have it delivered to your door, you’ll feel at home here.

Real Good Coffee Co. isn’t good for

Coffee lovers who want a wide range of choices and want to know something about their coffee. 

There’s a limited selection and little information about the country it was grown in, how it was processed, or how sustainable the farm is. They also tend towards darker roasts, which aren’t for everyone.


They claim to roast your coffee when you order it, then pack it and send it out immediately.


They see other coffee brands that hike up the prices, but they want to maintain the best price for the consumer. 

At roughly $12 a pound for whole coffee beans, they excel at keeping the prices lower than many brands.

Good taste

They boast that their coffee tastes good. Period. It doesn’t matter where it was grown, who processed it, or how it was roasted. 

What matters is the taste in your cup, and they promise you it will taste great.

They don’t offer small-size bags, so be prepared to order 2-pound bags. To sweeten the deal, they provide free shipping. 

If you’re searching for convenience, they sell espresso pods (compatible with Nespresso machines) and Keurig-compatible cups if you’re searching for convenience. Their pods and cups are recyclable.

Summary of the company

Real Good Coffee Co. is an affordable coffee company that makes buying and brewing coffee simple and easy. 

Their website, coffee choices, and packaging are plain and straightforward. They go for the brown-paper-bag-look for both their coffee bags and boxes.

If you don’t have time for the fuss associated with so much specialty coffee these days, check out Real Good Coffee Co.

Real Good Coffee Co Review

Real Good Coffee Co
  • Freshly roasted
  • Buy whole beans/ground/k-cup coffee
  • Excellent value

Beans & Roasts

Roasts they offer

Real Good Coffee Company boasts about roasting the coffee fresh to order, although they don’t specify what the time from roasting to shipping actually is. 

The packaging doesn’t have a roasting date, so it’s hard to tell just how fresh the coffee is.

You can choose from three roasts:

  • Dark roast – you’ll find a wide range of dark roasts, including French Roast.
  • Medium Roast – they offer a limited number of medium roasts, and it’s darker than many companies.
  • Light roast – they only offer one light roast, which is their Breakfast Blend Light, and it tends to be on the darker side.

The Beans

What kind of beans does Real Good Coffee Co offer? The website divides the choices into three main categories – whole bean, Keurig compatible, or Nespresso compatible.

Within the whole bean category, you’ll find the bags weigh in at a hefty 2 pounds. They offer breakfast blend, dark roast organic, Donut Shop coffee, French roast, and decaf.

Here’s a breakdown of each main category:

  • Breakfast blend – They roast this coffee lighter, which gives it a bit of citrus flavor with aromas of milk chocolate and cream.
  • Organic dark roast – According to the website, this USDA-certified organic coffee has notes of “bell pepper, cedar, and a lemony acidity.” They also say it has notes of South Asian spices.
  • Donut Shop – This medium roast continues the no-frills idea. After all, donut shops aren’t known for having fancy coffee. This blend uses 100% Arabic beans from Central and South America and has the typical aroma notes of that region, brown sugar and hazelnut.
  • French Roast – They boast it’s bold yet less bitter than many French Roasts. They emphasize the raspberry and dark chocolate notes.  
  • Decaf – This medium roast has caramel and hazelnut tastes. There’s no information about the decaffeination process they use.

You’ll quickly see they place an emphasis on whole beans (except for their pods). In fact, you won’t be able to order the coffee ground. 

They encourage consumers to purchase a coffee grinder, and they walk you through all the benefits of grinding your own coffee and how to do it in the simplest way.

Which coffees are popular at Real Good Coffee Co? Their Donut Shop and Breakfast blend are among the most popular.

Keurig Cups

In addition to their bags of whole beans, Real Good Coffee Co offers convenience cups like Keurig cups and Nespresso-type pods. 

The cups and pods are made with recyclable materials, so you can feel free to recycle them.

They offer Keurig cups in the light roast breakfast blend, variety pack, Donut Shop (medium roast), dark French Roast, organic dark roast, and Decaf (medium roast), in either 36 or 72 count boxes.

Nespresso Compatible pods

These pods are compatible with Nespresso Original Line brewers. 

You can order strong, stronger, strongest, and organic in either 36 or 72 pod boxes. You can also order a small sampler pack or a 36-pod variety pack.

While Real Good Coffee Co has a lot of options for cup or pod brewers, they lack light roast options and offer just one light breakfast roast.

Customers have mentioned concerns about roast consistency. Since they roast in small batches, there can be a lot of variation from one batch to another. 

Customers have received excellent batches they rave about, but they also complain about bad batches that smell and taste quite off.


How sustainable is Real Good Coffee Co? 

While they say that some of their coffees are grown, sourced, and packaged responsibly, they don’t go into detail about what that really means for them.

For instance, they offer USDA organic coffee. All USDA organic products do meet basic sustainability standards, but the website isn’t specific on which standards their coffee meets. 

If this is a big issue, you might want to reach out to them to get more information or look into other companies.

Their sustainability efforts mainly focus on providing 100% recyclable coffee pods. They give you the instructions on how to recycle them, which are basic to all coffee pods. After the pod has cooled, peel off the aluminum foil, clean out the plastic pod, and recycle both. 

Customer Service

Real Good Coffee Co is a small business, and they take care of each customer personally. They have a unique “like it or money back” policy and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for everyone who buys their coffee.

If you’re not satisfied with the coffee you’re drinking, get in touch with them.

First, they’ll walk you through ways to make your coffee taste better, depending on the coffee equipment you have at home. They’ll also offer to replace the coffee you bought for another roast. Or they’ll give you a full refund.

They also have a discount subscription service. It’s 5%, but that can add up if you’re frequently ordering. And it’s pretty generous for a company that already has inexpensive coffee and has free shipping in the U.S.

The Final Verdict

Real Good Coffee Co is great for you if you’re tired of reading through reams of information about a coffee before buying it. 

With Real Good Coffee Co, it’s as simple as point and click, and affordable coffee is on the way to your home. You’ll get a dark roast coffee that’s easy to brew from a company that gives you excellent customer service.

Real Good Coffee Co
  • Freshly roasted
  • Buy whole beans/ground/k-cup coffee
  • Excellent value

On the other hand, if you want a wide range of choices about coffee and the people who grew it, you’ll feel let down by the lack of information that Real Good Coffee Co provides. 

The roasts are mostly on the dark side, you won’t be clear on what flavors you’ll get in the cup, and sustainability is a bit of a mystery.