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How much Caffeine In A Starbucks Doubleshot?

If you’re a fan of Starbucks coffee, you might have encountered the chain’s line of Doubleshot espresso beverages. 

The line includes both canned, premade drinks with a base of espresso and cream and made-to-order versions available at Starbucks locations around the world. 

But you may have wondered how much caffeine is in a Starbucks Doubleshot? The answer is more complicated than you might think. Read on to find out!

starbucks double can

Starbucks Doubleshot Caffeine Content

Because there are a few different variations of the Starbucks Doubleshot espresso drink, the question of caffeine has more than one answer. 

To really get to the bottom of the question, you have to look at each version. 

The basic categories are the Starbucks Doubleshot energy drink, canned Starbucks Doubleshot espresso, and in-store hot and iced Doubleshot drinks.

How Much Caffeine is in Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink?

After the success of Starbucks cafes, the company began to branch out, offering ready-to-drink versions of their classic beverages. 

Eventually, taking stock of the popularity of energy drinks like Redbull and Monster, Starbucks launched its own take: Doubleshot Energy, a canned energy drink with a base of espresso and milk.

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy coffee drinks are made of Starbucks brewed coffee in the form of espresso, milk, sugar, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins. 

The caffeine comes not just from the coffee itself but from the guarana, boosting the energy-raising factor. 

Altogether, the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy coffee drink boasts 135 mg of caffeine.

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso?

Before Starbucks launched its branded energy drink, one of the first canned coffee beverage branded products the company put out was the Starbucks Doubleshot. 

This line has expanded beyond just the lightly sweetened espresso coffee and cream the brand originally launched. 

Different variations of the canned coffee beverage include a Cubano version, a salted caramel version, a light version, and seasonal variations to add a little flavor to each part of the year. 

But all of them include the same base: two shots of brewed coffee (espresso), a little sugar, and cream. 

The Starbucks Doubleshot espresso canned beverage contains 120 mg of caffeine.

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Iced Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Caffeine Content

In addition to the canned Doubleshot Energy and Espresso drinks, Starbucks offers an iced double shot espresso in all of its cafe locations. 

The iced Doubleshot follows the blueprint of the canned version but is more customizable. You can get it made with skim milk, reduced-fat milk, cream, or non-dairy options, and with the syrup of your choice.

The iced Doubleshot you purchase from your friendly neighborhood barista will have more caffeine than any of the canned versions since this iced coffee drink comes in different sizes. 

The grande clocks in at a whopping 225 mg of caffeine

For context, that’s more than half of the FDA recommended daily intake and almost 2.5 times the amount in a tall black coffee.

Starbucks Hot Doubleshot Caffeine

Finally, you can also opt for the more classic double shot, the way that cafe-goers across Europe and especially in Italy take it. 

Starbucks serves espresso coffee in shots, right alongside the lattes and frozen coffee drinks. The recipe for this version is very simple: just brewed espresso coffee unless you request added sugar or other components like cream.

The drink is also easy to order: request a doppio if you want a double shot of espresso, while a single shot of the brew is called solo. 

The Solo is just 0.75 fluid ounce, while the Doppio is 1.5 fl oz. If you want more than that, you can bump up to a Trippio or a Quad. 

The Doppio comes out to 150 mg of caffeine, enough for most people.

Wrapping Up

Whether you go for one of the canned ready-to-drink double shot espresso and energy drinks options created by Starbucks but produced by Pepsico or buy your Doubleshot in the cafe itself, it’s a delicious way to get a quick boost of caffeine. 

The product line shows the versatility of the Starbucks coffee base, pushing two shots of espresso to the limits.

Try each variation and find out which is your favorite, and get a good caffeine buzz in the process.