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Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review

You’ve got to trust me on this one.

Mushroom coffee is one of the latest coffee crazes to hit the market, and it’s one you might not want to dismiss too quickly.

If you love coffee, that might sound ridiculous. Coffee is perfect as-is, right? Why mess with perfection?

Believe it or not, after trying it, you might wish more coffees had a heavy base of reishi or turkey tail mushrooms.

So if you’re wondering what’s with this brand Ryze and its mushroom alternative coffee, I’ll explain the hype in this Ryze mushroom coffee review.

I was skeptical, too, but I’ve tasted Ryze myself. I’ll give you the low-down on this mushroom-based coffee so you can decide if it’s worth giving up your morning cup for.

Ryze Shroom Review

What is RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

RYZE mushroom coffee is a coffee alternative made from, you guessed it, medicinal mushrooms, or at least mushroom extract.

Most mushroom coffees, including Ryze, have some (or a lot) of coffee added to their mushroom blend. Ryze seems to contain less coffee than other brands, but they don’t list this information.

Ryze is basically just good ol’ mushroom powder that functions like an instant coffee. Pop a scoop into your cup, pour 8-10 oz of hot water over it, stir, and enjoy. (I recommend a little cinnamon and almond milk for something creamy and warming, but not sweet.)

It’s made of cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, king trumpet, and shiitake mushrooms. The instant coffee in Ryze comes from shade-grown Mexican Arabica coffee beans.

Ryze is designed to replace your morning coffee (although you can certainly keep it in rotation with your favorite java instead). Because it’s made with a mushroom blend, it’s naturally full of energy to help you focus, without some of the downsides or side effects of drinking regular coffee.

Mushroom coffee like Ryze is non-acidic, lower in caffeine (Ryze averages 48 mg per cup), and is less likely to cause a stomach upset, the jitters, or anxiety that traditional coffee causes for many people.

Most mushrooms are also superfoods and offer a variety of healthy benefits like anti-inflammatory or antioxidative properties, so there are some added benefits of drinking mushroom coffee. (We’ll get to that later on.)

Ryze Review

Is Ryze Coffee Legit?

Yes, Ryze Mushroom Coffee is absolutely legit. I’ve tried it myself. In fact, a cup of Ryze replaced my morning coffee today!

I can’t say mushroom coffee is a magic potion, despite its potential health benefits. But I can say that, in general, it really holds up. So far, it’s been good for a little boost of energy in the morning, and despite the moderate caffeine content, it hasn’t produced a crash yet.

And before you ask, yes, the “mushroominess” is mild, and you get used to it quickly. Just like many of us had to get used to coffee in the first place, dressing it up with sugar and milk, mushroom coffee might take a cup or two before you start to love it.

But like me, you may really surprise yourself with how much you do.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review

Ryze mushroom coffee is definitely worth a try.

It’s surprisingly creamy, and comforting, and it really grows on you. Although it isn’t your average cup of coffee by any means, it scratches the same itch. In fact, as long as you can give up the coffee taste, it might scratch that itch better than normal coffee.

Ryze Shroom Coffee
  • Under $1 per serving!
  • Free 2 day shipping
  • Multiple freebies
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Healthy coffee alternative
  • Gives an energy boost
  • Lower caffeine content

CONS (-)

  • Tastes mushroom-y
  • Still caffeinated

The pros of Ryze are easy to tease out.

It’s a good boost of energy without a ton of caffeine, and offers many of the same benefits of normal coffee, like increased focus and stamina.

The proprietary blend of mushrooms is designed to offer other benefits like immune system support, better digestion, stress relief, and general anti-inflammatory properties.

Since it’s mostly just mushrooms and a little coffee, Ryze mushroom coffee is healthy, suitable for most diets, and is not likely to cause any digestive distress. It’s also unlikely to inspire the jitters or anxiety that other coffees cause for some people.

For the average person, Ryze should deliver a healthy, and organic boost of morning energy. And just like coffee, a cup of Ryze satisfies that need for a comforting morning ritual.

Plus, you can drink Ryze hot or iced!

The biggest downside to drinking Ryze mushroom coffee is that it’s still caffeinated. Most pure mushroom coffee blends average 50-60 mg of caffeine, which is certainly less than regular drip coffee (100-180 mg depending on how it’s made).

But if you’re drinking ‘shroom coffee to avoid the common pitfalls of caffeinated coffee, a mushroom alternative may not be enough. This is a pitfall with all mushroom coffees, though, not just Ryze.

Finally, the flavor can be an issue for some, too. Although I found Ryze mushroom coffee to be pretty mild, with only a slight mushroom taste to start (you get used to it fast), not everyone is going to love it.

Ryze is a little weak compared to a typical cup of coffee. It’s also a bit thin. Although I was happily surprised by how much it grew on me, the taste is unique. If you hate teas, herbs, and more earthy flavors, this probably isn’t for you.

What Does RYZE Taste Like?

Ryze mushroom coffee has a light, slightly earthy flavor, not terribly unlike some leafy, herbal teas out there. It’s not very bitter or acidic.

Ryze is light in body, yet it has a surprisingly creamy texture. It foams up a little in the cup. And when you add a touch of non-dairy milk, it gets creamy without being heavy.

Ryze Mushroom Coffees

Okay, but does it just taste like mushrooms?

Let’s talk about the elephant — or should I say king trumpet mushrooms? — in the room.

You know you’re thinking it: Does Ryze just taste like watery shiitake mushrooms, and is it, you know, gross?

At first, yes, I could totally taste that this was largely a blend of six mushrooms powdered up and mixed with hot water. But the flavor really changes with time.

Even from the beginning, I found the mushroom taste to be pretty mild. After a while I even forgot that it had tasted a bit like mushrooms and by the second cup, it didn’t remind me of mushrooms much at all.

If anything, Ryze is too light in flavor. You probably won’t want to drink it completely plain, but I’ve found a little almond milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg makes a unique but surprisingly comforting, drink.

It’s like a cross between a coffee, tea, and an herbal health tincture. But somehow, you’ll actually want to keep drinking Ryze after you give it a try.

I think you can get used to it pretty fast, and it’s definitely easy to cover with honey, milk, and other ingredients.

But if for some reason you’re considering a mushroom-based coffee and absolutely hate the taste of mushrooms, even when it’s subtle … Well, you’re either gonna need a good creamer or you’ll want to move along.

How To Drink Ryze

As much as I like Ryze (I may make it my go-to cup of coffee), I have to admit that it might take you a couple of cups to get used to it.

Before you let that scare you off, though, think back to trying coffee for the first time as a kid. Did you honestly like it? I know I couldn’t stand it until I tried a soy milk mocha at 17. It probably took me three years to try it black.

So give Ryze, and other mushroom coffees, a chance and dress them up before you say no. Luckily, their super light flavor makes it easy to add in other flavors. I promise it won’t taste like putting sugar on reishi mushrooms!

Definitely use some form of milk with Ryze to thicken it up. It’s light-bodied, and a little butter or milk gives it some needed substance. I personally think almond or other nut-based milks goes really well with its almost herbal flavor.

Honey and cinnamon are great add-ins for Ryze, but you can also try cocoa powder (with or without sugar) or other ingredients. Just remember that you have a more herbal flavor base, so it will pair differently than regular coffee.

Ryze also has a lot of recipe ideas for coffees, hot cocoas, and treats (like cookies and breakfast bars) on their website.

Ryze brewed


Ryze coffee is a mix of six different medicinal mushrooms, each with its own health benefits. The top benefit is advertised by Ryze. Below is more about what research on each mushroom has shown so far.

Cordyceps — Stamina

Cordyceps mushrooms help your body produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which helps carry energy to your muscles. 

Studies show this helps your body use oxygen more efficiently when you exercise, including this one that showed the active ingredient in cordyceps mushrooms (polysaccharide) had an anti-fatigue effect on swimmers.

Other studies show VO2 (which measures overall fitness levels, in part) seemed to increase with regular cordyceps ingestion. Participants in this 2018 study were able to tolerate high-intensity exercise better even after short-term consumption of cordyceps mushrooms.

Cordyceps mushrooms have also been shown to have a variety of other benefits such as anti-aging effects and may help fight inflammation, improve your heart health, and possibly help manage type 2 diabetes.

Lion’s Mane — Focus

Lion’s mane mushrooms promote nerve growth and may help protect the brain from Alzheimer’s related damage (although studies on the positive effects of lion’s mane on Alzheimer’s have been more conclusive on animals than in humans).

A study on older adults who were struggling with mildly impaired cognitive functioning found that ingesting these mushrooms daily for months actually improved their mental faculties as long as they continued taking it.

Lion’s mane mushrooms may also help your nervous system recover from injuries, protect against ulcers, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. They might also boost your immune system, especially the intestinal immune system.

Reishi — Stress Relief

Keeping reishi mushrooms or extract in your diet can also help boost your immune system, reduce stress, cut back on fatigue, and help you sleep.

So far, reishi mushrooms are looking promising for their anti-cancer properties in recent studies, too. Several studies have found reishi had a cancer cell-killing effect in test tubes, like this one

A 2010 study also showed reishi mushrooms successfully decreased the size and amount of tumors in the large intestine in participants.

A reishi mushroom a day also looks promising for fighting against both depression and fatigue.

Shiitake — Immune System Support

Are you seeing a pattern here with medicinal mushrooms and immune system help? Shiitake mushrooms are no exception to the trend.

In one 2015 study, participants’ inflammation levels dropped, and their immune markers improved after a month of eating shiitake mushrooms every day. 

Some of the compounds in shiitake mushrooms are also known to have antibacterial and antiviral effects, too, which means these mushrooms may prove to be useful antimicrobial agents.

Turkey Tail — Healthy Digestion

Turkey tail mushrooms are a source of prebiotics, which help support the “good” bacteria in your gut.

Specifically, turkey tail mushrooms have been shown to increase two beneficial bacteria (bifidobacterium and lactobacillus) that tend to improve digestion, improve negative intestinal symptoms, reduce cholesterol, and support immune health.

King Trumpet — Anti-inflammation

King trumpet mushrooms belong to a broader category of fungi called oyster mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms look promising for reducing inflammation and offering antioxidative benefits.

Many studies on oyster mushrooms have been done on rats so far, but these mushrooms do contain an amino acid (ergothioneine) which is known for its antioxidant effects.

Mushrooms are also a source of vitamin D — in fact, they’re the only plant-based source of it! Vitamin D is important for mood regulation, immune health, muscles, and nerves. It also helps you absorb calcium, indirectly keeping your bones strong.

Other Ingredients

Ryze mushroom coffee is also made with MCT oil and Mexican shade-grown, Arabica coffee beans.

MCT oil comes from coconuts and is a medium chain fatty acid. (It stands for medium-chain triglyceride.)

MCT oil can be used pretty much immediately by your body since it can enter cells without being broken down. This means they’re like a fast and easy source of energy for the body.

MCT oil has also been proven to be useful in weight loss, a reduction in “bad” cholesterol (LDL), improvement of “good” cholesterol (HDL), and a reduction in C-reactive protein, which is an inflammatory marker.

Who Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee Good For?

Look, we love coffee here a lot, but there are a few downsides to drinking a regular cup of coffee, which can be more problematic for some than others. Mushroom coffees are a great alternative to regular coffee for those people.

Ryze mushroom coffee might be a great choice for you if:

  • Ordinary coffee makes you jittery, or anxious
  • You don’t tolerate large amounts of caffeine
  • You can’t take the acid in a regular cup of coffee
  • You’re looking for a comforting morning ritual that will boost your energy, and
  • You want that morning ritual to come from a healthy source

Ryze mushroom coffee offers traditional coffee benefits like better focus and stamina without the jitters or anxiety that higher caffeine consumption causes for many people.

It’s also not acidic, which makes it a good idea for those who struggle even with decaffeinated or low-acid coffees.

Although Ryze has caffeine, it’s a lot lower than most coffees. A cup of coffee has an average of 90-180 mg of caffeine (depending on how it’s made), but a cup of Ryze made according to instructions averages just 48 mg.

Since it’s made with some potent mushrooms, a superfood, Ryze should be healthy for the average person. No food/drink is perfect for everyone, but the ingredients in Ryze are generally healthy and often safe choices.

As long as you tolerate mushrooms well* and don’t have issues with low amounts of coffee or MCT oil, you are likely okay. Of course, it never hurts to consult a doctor first.

* I found Ryze does not upset my stomach the way eating too many mushrooms does, so you may find that the process of turning the mushroom blend into an instant powder makes it easier for you.

Overall, Ryze is a great alternative to coffee for people who never got into coffee, as well as people who like the ritual of coffee but don’t tolerate the drink well for one reason or another.

Shipping Experience

Ryze mushroom coffee comes double packaged. Inside your shipping box will be a smaller box that’s cute enough to be reused.

Your starter kit comes with

  • A bag of Ryze coffee — enough for 30 cups
  • A wooden spoon
  • An instruction card with serving suggestions

My kit came in good condition, although there’s little here that’s likely to be damaged anyway.

Although there was an issue with my package going to an old address, Ryze actually corrected the issue for free. The second package arrived within about a week.

Is Ryze ‘Shroom Coffee a good value?

Ryze mushroom coffee isn’t the cheapest. Mushroom coffees in general, tend to cost at the higher end of specialty coffee prices, averaging $25-40 for 30 servings.

As of writing this, Ryze mushroom coffee sells for $30 for a bag with 30 servings’ worth, plus $6 for shipping. That works out to $1 per cup if you can keep your portions even.

Note: This is only when you buy Ryze with automatic refills! If you try to buy Ryze one bag at a time, it’s $45.

Ryze seems to offer a first-time promotion with free shipping when you buy your first order and sign up for refills. This works out to $30 for 30 servings or $55 for 60 servings. It’s not clear, but you will likely be charged the regular price for your refills.

So is all this worth it? It depends.

If you love Ryze and you’ll drink it most days, it’s probably worth it as long as you can get the reduced, automatic refill price. But even then, at about $1 per cup, this should be something you really like.

Some people spend just as much as $25 or even $30 on their specialty coffee beans as long as it’s good. So if you’re that type of person (and that’s fine!), then Ryze isn’t much worse.

But if you’re buying good, but not mind-blowingly good, coffee from your local grocery store or something, Ryze is probably double what you already spend on coffee at home.

Ryze mushroom coffee is a bit of a splurge. It’s nothing compared to a daily Starbucks habit, but frankly, it’s a lot more expensive than buying bags of Starbucks coffee to drink at home every day.

Ryze Coconut Creamer

Ryze also makes a coconut creamer powder with their proprietary blend of functional mushrooms and cinnamon.

I haven’t tried it, but you can probably count on it complementing the ‘shroom coffee well. It could also be a great alternative to mushroom coffee while still offering the same incredible benefits of functional mushrooms.

You can add this to your normal coffee and stir with your fancy handmade acacia spoon without giving up that java taste.

Since it’s a powder, it also has the added bonus of storing indefinitely. If, like me, you can never go through milk (non-dairy or otherwise) fast enough, that’s a big selling point.

But like Ryze’s mushroom coffee, the functional coconut creamer is about $30, which makes each cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you’re adding your creamer to over $1 for one cup.

Is that worth it? Again, it depends. 

This is clearly not a “value” or budget drink. But if you tend to spend extra on healthy foods and drinks or just on good coffee most days, then this price could be more than worth it.

It’s not the most expensive way to get more out of your morning cuppa, but it’s not a screaming deal, either.

The Final Verdict: Ryze Shroom Coffee

Bottom line: I can’t tell you to buy Ryze mushroom coffee, but I can honestly tell you it’s worth considering.

Ryze Shroom Coffee
  • Under $1 per serving!
  • Free 2 day shipping
  • Multiple freebies
Our Rating:

Ryze is legit, and it will probably surprise you how much you end up liking it, especially if you play around with your own add-ins. It’s got all the main benefits of drinking coffee, plus a few of its own. And it still makes for a good morning ritual.

The price is nothing to brag about, but it’s also not outrageous. Buying expensive specialty coffee and a $3000 home espresso machine would cost a lot more per cup.

Ryze is absolutely worth the hype and worth a try. Don’t be afraid to add some morning ‘shrooms to your routine!