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How Much Caffeine in Dunkin’ Coffee?

America might run on Dunkin’. But if you’re trying to watch caffeine intake, you need to know how much caffeine goes into those Dunkin’ drinks. 

What’s the caffeine content of an Extra Charged coffee? Do Dunkin’ decaf coffees really have no caffeine? 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the basics of caffeinated drinks at Dunkin’. I’ll also explain how the company’s most popular drinks compare to other coffee chains.

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How Much Caffeine in Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee? 

How much caffeine will you get when ordering a cup of coffee at Dunkin’? That depends a lot on the cup of coffee you order. 

The range can go from a minimal 7 mg to a whopping 393 mg! If you want to keep an eye on your caffeine intake, read on.

Here I’ve broken down the caffeine content for you according to the drink and the sizes that Dunkin’ offers. 

There are a few things to keep in mind. Dunkin’ iced coffee drinks contain the same volume of coffee as the hot versions. So an iced latte has the same caffeine content as a regular latte

Also, hot lattes and cappuccinos both contain one shot of espresso. So they have the same amount of caffeine. What varies is the amount of milk that’s added.  

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Milligrams of Caffeine in Dunkin’ Coffee 

*According to Drink Size (Small; Medium; Large) 

  • Brewed Coffee: 180; 210; 270
  • Decaf Coffee: 7; 10; 15
  • Espresso: 118 (one size only)
  • Americano: 237; 284; 371
  • Latte: 118; 166; 252
  • Cappuccino: 118; 166; 252
  • Macchiato: 237; 284; 371
  • Cold Brew: 174; 260; 347
  • Frozen Coffee: 196; 295; 393

Adding certain extra flavors like Mocha Swirl will also increase the caffeine content.

What about Extra Charged coffee?! The status of this ultra-energized coffee is currently unclear. Dunkin’ hasn’t officially announced a discontinuation. But you can no longer find it on their official menus. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Caffeine Content Compared

The caffeine content in a cup of coffee can vary from one coffee shop to another. Why? A lot depends on how much coffee they use. But coffee bean type and brew method also impact caffeine levels

For example, robusta beans have more caffeine than arabica beans. And cold brew coffees have more caffeine than coffee brewed using quicker methods. 

Also, some companies add caffeine to the drink. Dunkin’ does (or did) that for their Extra Charged Coffee. Mixing green coffee extract into the coffee ups the caffeine content of a 20-ounce beverage to 360 mg. 

How do Dunkin’ drinks compare to other coffee shops and national chains? Let’s take a look.

A cup of Dunkin’ donuts brewed coffee contains 300 mg. When you compare a cup of Dunkin’ to Starbucks, you’ll see that Starbucks contains less caffeine. 

Starbucks has 272 mg for a 16-ounce Grande (4 ounces less than a coffee at Dunkin’). And while a Dunkin’ espresso has 118 mg, an espresso at Starbucks has 75 mg. 

Again, the difference comes down to serving size. An espresso at Starbucks is less than an ounce, while a Dunkin’ espresso is 2 ounces.

coffee sizes dunkin

Peet’s coffee, on the other hand, has 267 mg for a 16-ounce serving of brewed coffee. That’s a bit lower than both Dunkin’ and Starbucks. 

Peet’s espresso also has less of a boost at 70 mg of caffeine. A 16-ounce Americano has just 140 mg, which is a lot less than the 371 mg at Dunkin’s.

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Caffeine Tolerance

As you can see, some Dunkin’ beverages contain high levels of caffeine. What does that mean for you? That depends a lot on your caffeine needs.

Let’s start with a common recommendation. According to the FDA, most adults can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day.

Remember, that’s just a starting point. The optimal level of caffeine may be different for you. 

If you’re underage, pregnant, or nursing, you might decide to consume less caffeine. You should also sip with caution if you have other health problems or are sensitive to caffeine. 

Also, keep in mind that other foods like tea or chocolate contain caffeine. You need to take these items into account when calculating daily caffeine consumption.

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How many cups of coffee is 400 mg? With Dunkin’, you’ll reach the upper limit pretty fast. 

For instance, a large Dunkin’ donuts brewed coffee has 300 mg of caffeine. A large Extra Charged coffee has almost the daily limit. 

But if you go for an espresso, you can have 3 of them and still not reach the FDA limit. And if you choose to drink decafs, you can pile them on without a problem because even the large size only has 15 mg. 

So what’s the takeaway for coffee drinkers? One large cup of Dunkin’ might have enough caffeine to meet your needs for the whole day.

Wrapping Up 

Most coffee lovers want to enjoy their favorite drinks without overdosing on caffeine. You can manage the caffeine you drink daily by knowing what each coffee shop offers.

Dunkin’ has a wide range of coffee beverages with different caffeine levels. For the lowest bean buzz, choose a Dunkin’ decaf. For a super energized cup, search out the elusive Extra Charged coffee.

The variety at Dunkin’ means you can choose the cup of coffee best for you. It’s not all about keeping the yawns at bay. Remember to consider your health needs and limits.